Regions Bank: New Marietta Location Worth the Visit

This post is sponsored by Regions Bank, member FDIC, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

There are groceries, and laundry, and holiday parties… it’s the busiest time of the year next to May (Mom’s know). And in that, important to-do’s can slip through the cracks; especially when you know that “to-do” is in good hands. Trust me. I did that for years. 

Regions Bank sponsored this post, because they are opening new branches in the Atlanta area. I recently had the opportunity to visit a new Regions branch and learn how it’s important to get to know your bank as more than just a logo on a piece of plastic, or a url address. They conveyed their desire to help their customers focus more on life and less on money with as many human touches as possible. But that doesn’t mean to forget about it!

It’s easy to swipe the card, check the balance, and stick to apps and ATMs when managing finances. But just like anything else, there is growth in designating time to focus on this aspect of your life. Banking can be completely overwhelming. After all, most of us didn’t get a class on all of the in’s and out’s. So, we hand it over and think it doesn’t really include our input. But it does.

Here’s the thing; it’s the oxygen mask theory. You cannot lead and set a great example for the future, without securing your mask first. And now that new Regions Bank locations are popping up all over Atlanta, there are no excuses. It’s time to learn about your money and create a financial plan. 

In between all of the gift lists and the parties, schedule a time to stop by the new Sandy Plains branch. A time to pause with purpose. Yup, pass the gorgeous 24/7 ATMs, park the car, and walk into a physical branch location. Shake the hand of the person helping out with your account and ASK QUESTIONS

You owe it to yourself, and your family to be actively involved in your finances. 

By meeting with a banker you could end up learning about a better savings rate, or a small business loan opportunity. Don’t make a chore of it. Make it an interesting delight on your list. A treat for yourself.  Get to know the people at your branch. 

The newest Atlanta Regions Bank location is in the heart of Marietta off Sandy Plains Road. Take time to catch up on YOU, your family, and your finances for a few minutes. 

These brick and mortar bank locations exist because your finances are personal, and while we need the growing technology, we also need the one-on-one interaction. 

Regions atm

If stopping by the branch during regular business hours does not work for your schedule, I learned Regions has a solution for you. Their Video Banking ATMs connect their customers with a Regions Video Banker via live two-way video chat.  The Video Bankers can process most transactions and help with general account maintenance; plus they are available for the customers during extended hours on weekdays, as well as on weekends and most holidays.

This season, as we head into a new decade, gift yourself with getting your financial house in order. If you are in the area, stop by the new Sandy Plains branch and talk to a Regions Banker.

Sandy Plains
3028 Shallowford Rd
Marietta, GA 30062