Matching Pajamas, A Holiday Tradition

With the holidays rolling in, holiday traditions follow. A holiday tradition doesn’t have to be serious or overwhelming. It can be as simple as a family recipe passed down, yearly family portraits or my favorite, matching family holiday pajamas!

Some may find the trend cheesy but nothing is more fun than picking out a new matching holiday pajama set for the family and sometimes the family pet! It really gets the family into the holiday spirit. Comparing each year brings great memories and shows how the little ones grow each year. My hopes are my little ones will continue this tradition as they grow. If they refuse, I may have to make some brides to continue until they are eighteen!

If you’re new to the holiday matching crowd, don’t freight it’s not difficult and more stores are offering the cute matching family holiday pajamas. Here are a few stores that offer matching family holiday pajamas.

  1. Target: As if any of us need another excuse to visit Target! They have a wide range of matching family pajamas from newborn to the oldest kiddies including mom and dad.
  2. Macy’s: This large department store also has matching sets for the family. Most matching family holiday pajama sets are offered online, which is great because that’s one less trip to the mall this holiday season.
  3. Old Navy: You can find an Old Navy in most parts of town. They carry a variety of matching family holiday pajamas. They also have the cutest fuzzy holiday socks to match.
  4. Amazon: If you’re an Amazon family, you can add matching family holiday pajamas to your chart!

If you’re ready to add this to your family’s holiday tradition, hope this list helps. Ordering early is suggested as these items tend to sell out quickly. Happy holidays and hope you have fun in your new jammies.

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