Favorite Bonding Moments with Kids

Favorite Bonding Moments with Kids
Covid-19 has certainly thrown everything for a loop. From work, to social engagements, and date nights, there has been a definite adjustment to daily life. When  I focus on the positive, there is one thing that happened – our family bond has become stronger. If I had to name what caused our family bond to be stronger, it will be attributed to the following three things.

Maintain Family Traditions

Now that we are into fall, we have started our annual fall traditions. One fall tradition is to visit an apple orchard. We usually go to the BJ Reece apple orchard. They have a nice selection of apples in their U – pick orchards.  Even while being socially distant, we were able to pick a peck of apples and enjoy a tractor ride. Check out the apple picking fall guide here for other orchard options.
Another fall family tradition is to visit a pumpkin patch. This year we  decided to do something new and checked out the Kinsey Farm in Gainesville. We had a great time feeding the farm animals, taking a hayride, and picking a couple of pumpkins to take home with us. Check out this link for other local pumpkin patches.

Provide Undivided Attention

When we first entered into this new environment of having school and work at home, my husband I did a lot of trial and error to figure out how to make it work. Despite our busy days of working from home and virtual learning, we still make it a priority to devote time to each child for one on one attention. Whether it’s going to get a special treat, reading one of their favorite books, or enjoying a one on one conversation, we make it a point to give each child attention.

Welcome Additional Cuddle Moments

Providing undivided attention often leads to lots of cuddle time moments. Given the reduced social interactions, seeing people in masks, and civil unrest, our kids needed reassurance they are loved and safe. It’s not uncommon to be on the receiving end of blown kisses and random hugs. I often keep my camera off during Zoom calls because these cuddle moments can often coincide with a work call. These extra cuddle moments are a great stress reliever too!
I hope these bonding moments overshadow any fears or doubts and create memorable moments for my children. What are some of your favorite bonding moments with your kids? Feel free to post your comment below!
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