Summer, I’ll Miss You: A Mom’s Farewell Love Letter

 Oh, summer…I’m going to miss you.

There was a time when I dreaded you. Please don’t be offended – it was me, not you. As the mom of four small people, school days used to be my saving grace. It was the guarantee I would actually get a shower within a 24-hour period. It ensured I would be able to nurse my infant without having to simultaneously keep my potty training toddler from peeing all over the floor. Summer meant the absence of other adults swooping in to love on my kids while I attempted to reset as a functioning human being. And, my stomach hurt with anticipation of what #summerdays would look like in my house. 

I could go on and on about those challenging years, but I won’t. The tide has turned, sweet summer. 

At this point in my life, you are magic. I long for you most months of the year. Sure, my kids are at home with me every minute of every day, but gone are homework logs, intense sports schedules, lunches to pack, early wake-ups, and an unhealthy dependence on my life-sized family calendar. Did I forget today was “Dress Up As A Book Character Day?” Nope, I sure didn’t! I also didn’t forget to send in Clorox wipes or review my kid’s spelling words with him this week. Our dinner tonight didn’t consist of chips and granola bars in the car while racing to 15 different activities at once, either. 

Yes, I’ve been asked for a snack 597 times today, my house looks uninhabitable, and my kids have inflicted bodily harm on each other every few hours. But, it really is all good.

It’s summer, y’all!

I understand the inevitable is approaching. Fall, I see you lurking. I notice the “gather” signs nestled next to the pumpkins as I make my way to the back-to-school clothes. But, we all know it’s still summer’s show when my kids inexplicably start school on August 1st. You’re not fooling anyone.

Will I eventually embrace what’s coming? Well, okay. Fall, I admit you do gift me routine, order, and alone time: all of the things I hold so dear. But, please be patient with me as I embark on a period of mourning. My heart rate will incrementally increase with each back-to-school form that needs to be signed. And, I will feel nauseous as I grab my pretty gel pens to color-code all of the “important dates” coming my way. 

I will need a moment… for sure.

But, as I walk zombie-like children to the bus stop at 6:45 a.m., I will put on a brave face. I’ll brace myself for afternoon WWE-like homework fights. I will confidentially step back into my role as ringmaster of the circus show that is my life come August. 

And, to get through it, I will smile as I reminisce about my toes in the sand.

Summer 2020, I’ll be dreaming about you, starting… now.

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Tracie is a Florida girl who fell in love with Atlanta’s southern charm after graduating from college. She currently lives in the John’s Creek area with her husband and four children. If you don't see her in a carpool line or at a kid's sports field, she's most likely at home writing or in her virtual classroom where she teaches middle school students in language arts. Tracie writes about food, family, and faith on her personal blog, and you can read more at 


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