Summer Bucket List

Summer is my favorite season. I love warm weather, sandy beaches, summer vacations, and holiday cookouts. I was pregnant last summer. This summer is my son’s first summer. He is 10 months old. I decided to create a bucket list of essential adventures I want to do with him and even though school is starting soon, the warm weather will be here for a while. There is still time to squeeze in a few of these.

Go to the pool. How can your summer be complete if you don’t at least get in the pool once? Sit on the side of the pool, stick your legs in the pool, lounge on a pool float, whichever is your preference. I got my son a pool float and he has been loving the water ever since. Don’t forget your sunscreen, towel, pool toys, beverages, snacks, music or whatever makes your visit more enjoyable.

Visit the beach. We had the pleasure of visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you are not able to go out of state, you can visit local places like Pine Lake or Lake Lanier. I enjoyed watching my baby play in the sand and mostly put it in his mouth.

Take a family road trip. We traveled to Indiana for my son’s baby dedication. The summer is a great time to take a trip or visit family. Pack food and snacks for the road and make as many stops as needed especially with children in the car.

Go to an outdoor concert. I took my little one with me to his first concert. It was a free outdoor concert for Jon B and Montell Jordan. Be sure to bring chairs, snacks, beverages, and blankets. There are tons of music festivals and outdoor concerts in the area. So get ready for some moving and grooving to your fave tunes.

Go to an amusement park/water park. We took our first trip to Six Flags White Water and enjoyed the splash pads, wave pool and lazy river with our little one in tow. The annual pass can be paid on monthly to make trips more affordable and you can even include meals in your package.

Watch summer movies. I enjoyed seeing my son’s face while watching animated movies like Secret Life of Pets 2 and Toy Story 4. There are many more summer blockbuster movies that were released this summer for families like Aladdin and The Lion King. If the price tag for recent releases is too costly consider other options such as streaming services or movies in the park offered by various organizations.

What activities do you and your family enjoy doing over the summer months?