Tracie is a Florida girl who fell in love with Atlanta’s southern charm after graduating from college. She currently lives in the John’s Creek area with her husband and four children. If you don't see her in a carpool line or at a kid's sports field, she's most likely at home writing or in her virtual classroom where she teaches middle school students in language arts. Tracie writes about food, family, and faith on her personal blog, and you can read more at www.tracieandrewswriter.com. 
Hang on, Santa: It's Still Fall, Y'all!

Hang on, Santa: It’s Still Fall, Y’all!

You’ve taken down the jack-o-lanterns, snuck more than your share of the kid’s Halloween candy, and finally started unpacking those fall sweaters. Ah, yes...it’s November! The heart of fall y'all. A month full of...
Five Tips for Surviving the Middle School Leap

Five Tips for Surviving the Middle School Leap

Is there anything more terrifying than putting your precious little kindergartner on a school bus for the first time? Why, yes there is. There’s a place called middle school. I’ve already ushered two of my kids...
Hosting a No-Fuss July 4th Party

Hosting a No-Fuss July 4th Party

Ah, the 4th of July! It’s the hallmark of summer and a time to gather for one of the most special holidays of the year. Unfortunately, as busy moms know, it can be difficult...
Catch Some Movies Under the Stars This Summer!

Catch Some Movies Under the Stars This Summer

Are you looking for a unique movie experience? You’re in luck: outdoor and drive-in movies are taking center stage this summer! There are several outdoor chances for you to grab your kiddos and see...
A Foodie Mom's Guide to Picky Eating

A Foodie Mom’s Guide to Picky Eating

Of all the things that make parenting little ones challenging, picky eating tops the list for many moms. While some children are seemingly born with a love of food, others have little to no...
5 Tips for Managing the Craziness of Spring

5 Tips for Managing Springtime Craziness

If I took a poll of moms with school-aged kids, I’m confident that springtime would be ranked up there with the winter holiday season as one of the busiest and most stressful times of...
Need a Perfect Teacher Gift Idea? We've Got You Covered!

4 Ideas for Your End of Year Teacher Gift

The end of the school year is approaching, and no one deserves love and appreciation more than our teachers. We've got some creative teacher gift ideas to make the end of the year special. Their...
Three Lessons Our New Puppy Taught My Kids About Love

Three Lessons Our New Puppy Taught My Kids About Love

I was that mom. The mom who assured her children regularly, despite their begging and pleading, that we would never, ever have a dog. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with animals. Dogs are awesome....
3 Tips for Bringing Non-Food-Centered Activities to Halloween

3 Tips for Bringing Non-Food-Centered Activities to Halloween

When reminiscing about childhood, who doesn’t put Halloween at the top of their list of favorite holiday memories? Dressing up in a costume and running around the neighborhood collecting bags full of candy is...
Back-to-School Hacks From Some of the Smartest Moms-I-Know

Back-to-School Hacks from Some of the Smartest Moms I Know

It’s hard to believe, but a brand new school year is upon us. We all know there is more on the agenda than simply taking the kids’ school shopping and attending open houses. Transitioning...