Not into Football? Why You Should Still Watch the “Big Game!”

After decades of Sundays with football playing on my Dad’s television, the Falcons, of course, I still cannot get excited about a football game to save my life. For me, all the starting and stopping makes me antsy. Just get on with it already! Plus, there are too many rules for my apathetic brain to handle.

With that being said, I still tune into the “Big Game” every year, and here are some reasons why you should, too:


If you feel the same way I do about chips and dip, then the “Big Game” is definitely for you! Football parties are heaven on earth for snacking. Little pigs wrapped up in blankets? Check. Dips where the main ingredient is cheese? Check. Brownies with enough chocolate to cause diabetic shock? Double check. Is anyone else hungry?!  


What will that adorable yet sensible little gecko be up to this time?  When it costs $5 million dollars for a 30-second advertisement during the game, it better be worth it! Anticipating the commercials has become more fun than watching the game. Last year, I literally cried during a Dodge Ram commercial. When else would that happen? 

The Half-Time Show

The half-time show has become a sport in its own right. How quickly can a thirty-minute musical production be set-up and stripped down? Speaking of stripping, will there be an accidental nip slip again? Will Maroon 5 do the decent thing for mankind and invite one of the MANY incredible born and bred Atlanta musicians to join them on stage? It appears the answer is yes! It was recently confirmed rapper Travis Scott and Atlanta native Big Boi will perform with Maroon 5. You will want to see this performance live!


Make fun of me if you wish, but this is the main reason I watch the game. I don’t think of it as a football game but instead more as a big event that everyone tunes into like the Oscars, Election Night, or a season premiere of Downton Abbey. The idea of so many people participating in one event around the country makes me also want to be a part of it (maybe that’s a bit of a stretch for Downton Abbey, but you get the idea). By association, we feel we are a part of something bigger than ourselves for a few hours, especially when the event is hosted by the city we proudly call home. Also, if you really want to ramp-up your association experience, keep refreshing Twitter during the game. The comments are just as hilarious as they are during The Bachelor!

If those reasons still do not inspire you to watch dudes running around for a few seconds and then stopping over and over for several hours, then just think of it as another excuse to throw a party and share some cocktails with friends! 

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