Lauren Race

I am 30-something Atlanta transplant from the midwest. Working full-time as a non-profit professional, I cherish the weekends with my crazy family of 5 including my hubby of 9 years and our 2 sons (6 and 3) and 1 daughter (20 months). I need my "me" time that consists of an early morning workout before work or a yoga class for a nice night-cap. I love trying a new restaurant, traveling, sports and always a nice glass of wine.

Rearranged by Arrangement: 3 Tips to Get (and stay) Organized

When we were house hunting 2 1/2 years ago I had a long list of "must-haves" for our forever home. We found our forever home, and one of my favorite features was the HUGE mudroom off...
ABC Fourth Trimester

Along Came Baby…Now What: The Fourth Trimester

Fourth Trimester, What’s that? From the moment you learned of your pregnancy you have been focused, if not obsessed with the idea of the “Trimester.” In your first trimester, you anxiously waited to “be in...

Atlanta Area Moms Blog: Holiday Shopping Guide 2017

Finding the perfect gift for the ones you love can be hard! Between class parties, holiday parties, traffic and the crazy that is the end of the year, it can be a challenge to...
Diaper Bag Business Cards

Business Cards in a Diaper Bag

There was never a question during both of my maternity leaves about not going back to work. I love my job. I love my career. I crave the adult interaction. I need the stress structure...

When Mommy Pees Her Pants {Part 2}

Just over two months ago, I thought it was totally normal for me - a thirty-something mom - to pee her pants a little. I chalked it up to giving birth, getting older and...
8 Tips for Summer Safety | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

8 tips for summer safety

George Leach, M.D., an emergency medicine physician at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, says that he and his colleagues sometimes refer to trauma as “a summer disease.” Dr. Leach says certain injuries and illnesses are more common...
Finding the OM in m{OM} | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Finding the OM in m{OM} at Solstice

My second pregnancy kicked me in the butt. As excited as I was about welcoming baby #2 into our family, the little person inside of me was zapping all my energy and only craved...
Did you say salon hair every day? | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Did you say salon hair everyday?

As a mom, I eagerly anticipate my hair appointment every eight weeks. It's like a mini-escape from the chaos of motherhood and life. Sitting and doing absolutely nothing for 30-40 minutes is pure bliss....

When Mommy Pees Her Pants: Journey to Beat Incontinence

I knew having 2 boys under the age of 3 would mean pee everywhere. From changing diapers to potty training, there is so much pee to clean-up. But what I didn't expect after 2...
5 Signs that you are a Sports Fanatic Mom | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

5 signs that you are a sports fanatic mom

Sports. I love 'em. When other moms complain about their husbands' obsession over the game, I have a hard time relating. And as Atlanta prepares for the Falcons appearance in Super Bowl LI (second trip ever...