5 signs that you are a sports fanatic mom

Sports. I love ’em. When other moms complain about their husbands’ obsession over the game, I have a hard time relating. And as Atlanta prepares for the Falcons appearance in Super Bowl LI (second trip ever to the big game), I find myself giddy. I also find myself relating to my husband’s text messages with his friends over the game’s predictions, and other relevant storylines more so than the most recent pins on Pinterest. As I reflected, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. There have been signs. Signs that I’m a sports junky just like my hubby. I’m sure I’m not alone. Right?!

Here are the 5 signs that you love sports just as much as your significant other (or maybe even a tad more). 

  1. Gameday outfit: When you and your husband have different teams and both jump at the chance to dress your kids in YOUR team’s spirit wear.  
  2. The Saturday morning non-cartoon request: Popular TV show requests on a Saturday morning (well, really anytime) usually include Paw Patrol, Peppa the Pig, Doc McStuffins. Child of a sports-loving family? Orange Bus. Yep- I’m referring to the opening of ESPN’s College Gameday. Yes- we have it DVD’rd and can find it quickly on YouTube. And yes- at the age of 2, our son knows exactly what it means – football time. 
  3. Sports Talk radio: When find yourself bringing up the latest conversation/topic that was discussed on sports talk radio during the commute to/from work. My favorite is Chuck & Chernoff on 680 The Fan (even for the non-sports fan it is pretty entertaining). 
  4. Weekend errands and nap time: These revolve around what game(s) you want to watch. Not to mention your kid *thinks* he can delay naptime/bedtime if he shows interested or excitement 
  5. A perfect date: You kind of agree that the perfect date is going to the NFC Championship game (or any other sporting event) instead of dinner and a movie. 

Sometimes I do have a love/hate relationship with sports. Specifically, if they take away from weekend productivity around the house. But in the end, it is a fun bond with my husband and it’s already creating memories for our family. This weekend will be no different.

What makes you a sports-loving mom?