When Mommy Pees Her Pants {Part 2}

Just over two months ago, I thought it was totally normal for me – a thirty-something mom – to pee her pants a little. I chalked it up to giving birth, getting older and a weakening pelvic floor. You can read my story here. I have never been so excited to say I was totally wrong.  

Thanks to our friends at PeriCoach, I was invited to take part in an 8-week challenge. I was a little skeptical – I already did Kegels and wasn’t seeing improvement. So how was this device really going to work? How can I add one more thing to my busy day? I’m happy to report, I found the time and it worked! 

Before I share any more details, let me clear up the first question many of you (and me) had…where do you PUT the device?! Inside. Yes. You insert the device into the vagina and squeeze. And yes, it is strongly recommended to get a lubricant. You will thank me later. 

Now that we are all on the same page on where/how you use PeriCoach, let me tell you the top 3 reasons why I love my PeriCoach (and why you will too!)

  1. Easy/quick to do. The challenge was simple and easy to squeeze into my nighttime routine. I did the exercise while lying in bed and the entire process took less than 10 minutes, including cleaning my device.  
  2. Coach is exactly what it did! I quickly realized (thanks to the feedback on the smartphone app) that I was doing my exercises wrong. I was able to make some adjustments during my first session and was well on my way to seeing progress just after one exercise session.
  3. See and feel a difference. The app is super easy to use and showed my progress and exactly how my pelvic floor was getting stronger (I wish I could see the same progress as easily and quickly in other daily routines/workouts). I also feel the difference. That’s right, the number of times I peed my pants has decreased. There are activities I did 8 weeks ago that would be a sure bet for me to pee my pants. Now, it is NOT a guarantee. Like any type of “getting fit” routine, I still have work to do, but running around and doing jumping jacks with my son doesn’t mean I will automatically pee my pants anymore! 

PeriCoach and 8-Week Challenge Details ::

The PeriCoach® System is an easy-to-use home device and app designed to guide women performing pelvic floor exercises. PeriCoach provides feedback via a smartphone app to help me manage and monitor a pelvic floor exercise program.  

How does it work exactly? According to PeriCoach, a device containing three biosensors is inserted into the vagina. When the PeriCoach user performs her pelvic floor exercises, the biosensors detect the strength and duration of each contraction and instantly send these data to a downloadable smartphone app over a Bluetooth wireless connection. The smartphone app provides an easy-to-understand visual depiction of how the user is exercising in real time, to aid proper performance. The app also sends daily reminders to the user for accountability and motivation.

The 8-Week Challenge is a simple challenge to help users see results! The requirements are easy to follow:

  • Exercise daily with PeriCoach (minimum of 5 days a week for 8 weeks)
  • Easily record in the bladder diary water intake, bladder behavior and pad use (using a super easy app on my phone!)
  • Complete 3 easy surveys each month that take less than 10 minutes (which the app will remind me about)

Intrigued? Head on over to our Facebook page to check out our giveaway- a PeriCoach system! This includes the device, app, charging case and access to the management portal. The system value is $249!  

We want to give a special thanks to our partners at PeriCoach for introducing us to their product. This is a sponsored post, but the opinion and experiences are 100% our own!