Did you say salon hair everyday?

Thanks to our sponsors at Eva NYC for letting us try their amazing product. Although a paid opportunity, our opinions are 100% our own.

As a mom, I eagerly anticipate my hair appointment every eight weeks. It’s like a mini-escape from the chaos of motherhood and life. Sitting and doing absolutely nothing for 30-40 minutes is pure bliss. Not to mention when I do get up, my hair looks fabulous. Plus, the head massage. It’s the best.

Only problem. It only occurs every eight weeks (if I’m lucky). However, I finally found a shampoo/conditioner that brings a little bit of that salon-like experience home. Meaning, I get to experience it every day (well at least the days I get a shower in! #momlife).

Our friends at Eva NYC sent me Eva NYC Clean It UP Shampoo and I fell in love with the product on the first pump – it smells absolutely wonderful. It is made with Argan oil and KeravisTM protein and without harmful parabens, phosphates, and mineral oils! Plus they don’t test on animals! I paired it with the Eva NYC Soften Up Conditioner and the result is amazing. It has given me hope that my postpartum hair struggles I had with my first won’t be as bad the second time around by giving me healthier, stronger and softer hair. 

“Argan oil feeds hair with vitamins and nutrients, while KeravisTM protein delivers optimal anti-breakage benefits and is scientifically proven to triple the strength of hair. The result is stronger, healthier, softer hair.”

Eva NYC Shampoo

Get healthier hair today!

Right now, Eva NYC’s exclusive sizes are sold at Costco nationwide! Even better, from May 18 – June 4, 2017, the price is $7.99 ($19.99 value), instead of $9.99. If you didn’t have a reason to go to Costco this week, now you do. And if you already had a list, add Eva NYC to it now and pick it up for YOU next time you shop!