Jessica is an adventure-loving, over-committing, and previously organized mother of 2! She and her husband (high school sweethearts) moved to Atlanta in 2006 after graduating college, ready to start their life in the “real world”. They have experienced so many wonderful life milestones while in Atlanta – lived in Buckhead pre-kids, bought a house in great Smyrna neighborhood, had their first child in 2011 (a spunky little girl, Vivian), welcomed their second child exactly 18 months later in 2012 (a creative and crazy little boy, Harrison), and most recently added a Golden Doodle named Winston into the mix. Jessica and her family have since moved to the burbs of Milton where you now find them past 2 horse farms on the right. Jessica has always loved being part of a community, so when the opportunity to join the Atlanta Mom executive team presented itself it was a no brainer! She loved it so much, in fact, that in 2021 she and Natalie joined forces to lead the team and continue connecting with awesome moms across the ATL!
Ripe Cart

Merry Little Cocktails with RIPE Bar Juice

Merry Little Cocktails with RIPE Bar Juice Tis the season to jingle, mingle, and have yourself a merry little cocktail! Whether you are the hostess with the most-ess or the fun friend that brings the...
Coolmath Coding Featured

Coding is Cool with Coolmath Coding

Coding… when I was in college, this was a class I dreaded, but was forced to take for my degree. I put in my time, pulled off an A, moved on, and never looked...
Malachi and Harrison

Getting Excited About Football with Malachi Jones

Getting Excited About Football with Malachi Jones Is there anyone more equipped to get my son, Harrison, excited about starting football than a former pro player? I think not! Insert, my friend Malachi Jones. I met...
Home Clean Heroes

Signs It Is Time to Call Home Clean Heroes

Signs it is Time to Call Home Clean Heroes Us moms know that keeping a home running smoothly is not easy. Especially this time of year when the kids are back to school, have homework,...
The Ultimate Atlanta Burger Guide

The Ultimate Atlanta Burger Guide

Craving the best burger in town? Check out Atlanta Mom's Ultimate Burger Guide for the best burgers across Atlanta. The Ultimate Atlanta Burger Guide Farm Burger Farm Burger is an Atlanta staple with multiple locations. It has...
Organic Valley Milkshake

Happy Cows Make Better Milk – and Delicious Milkshakes

When I was a kid, summers were spent taking trips to my grandparents' farm in Alabama. I remember waking up early to feed the new calves from a big “baby milk bottle”, followed by...
Chick-Fil-A Tour Badge

Chick-fil-A Backstage Tour

From delicious Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches eaten between extracurriculars in the car to in person meals at family-friendly events in the restaurant. From dressing up for cow appreciation day to an occasional stop at a special...
Stepping in Front of the Camera with Katya

Stepping in Front of the Camera with Katya

Stepping in Front of the Camera with Katya A mom is almost always the one behind the camera, not in front of it. At least that’s how it is in my house. And, for the...
Bark - Cell Phones

“Sexting” and Middle School Shouldn’t Go Together!

"Sexting" and Middle School Shouldn't Go Together! Ready or not, here they come. My baby girl (well, she’s 11 now but… she WAS a baby… and then I made the mistake of blinking) is headed...
How to Throw a Galentine's Day Party

How to Throw a Galentine’s Day Party

I know, I know…Valentine’s is a commercial holiday probably created by a marketing mastermind to drive up sales for chocolate and roses. While I guess this thinking is not wrong, Valentine’s Day is as...