My (not-so-secret) Favorite Playgrounds in Atlanta!

For such a large metropolitan area, Atlanta has certainly made a concerted effort to take advantage of its (mostly) glorious weather and preserve plenty of green space for its residents to enjoy. 

When the winter finally fades and the grass returns to green – and the foggy clouds of yellow pollen fade away, our family loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Feeling the sun warm our faces and getting our feet dirty with the earth contributes so much to my sanity as a mom. More importantly, outdoor play helps keep my kids properly balanced between happy and active…and exhausted enough to go to bed quickly at night.

Since our family moved to Atlanta in 2014, we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the greater Atlanta area via its outdoor play spaces! While I (almost) hesitate to give away any hidden gems for fear of crowds, I hate keeping these treasures to myself. 

Little Nancy Creek Park (Brookhaven):

This playground and park was one of our family’s favorite spots to visit when we lived ITP. It’s nestled off of Peachtree Dunwoody Road and has trails to wander, along with play equipment for a wide variety of ages. My children have enjoyed this playground from infancy!

Chastain Park:

Chastain Park has perhaps, the most unique and fun playground in all of Atlanta. It was recently renovated and reopened and has equipment that you won’t find in any other playground in the area! From (wheelchair accessible) treehouses to hillside roller slides, to flying saucer swings, my kids are constantly asking to go back and play at Chastain.

Wills Park (Alpharetta):

I believe this playground is literally called The Wacky World Playground at Wills Park, located off of Wills Road in Alpharetta. There’s plenty of parking, and the entire playground is fenced in (which is a major bonus if you have small children to love to run!). The Wacky World playground is solid wood structures comprised of tunnels, bridges, castles, etc. My kids can find places to hide (in the shade) and chase each other for hours.

Brook Run Park (Dunwoody):

Brook Run, quite literally, has it all. The playground itself is large and spacious, and offers coveted shade! There are ample play structures for young children and older children, and lots of open space to run. The grounds of the park also contain a dog park, skate park and new treetop quest – which we are yet to try!

Play Space at Avalon (Alpharetta):

If you haven’t been shopping at Avalon in Alpharetta, you are missing out on such a beautiful and well-designed shopping and residential area. Aside from the many family-friendly events that Avalon hosts all year long, the entire is incredibly pedestrian friendly. My kids love running around on the open green space, tossing pennies into the fountains, playing on the indoor/outdoor acorn and squirrel themed children’s play space – and of course, wrapping up our visit with a trip to Jeni’s for the best ice cream around.

Taylor-Brawner (Smyrna):

Great play area for the kids, plus some open field area and walking path to enjoy as well. As an added bonus, this park is also close to the Smyrna Market Village that has its own play area for kids. It is pretty small, but cute. But the real reason to check it out is for the walking path that loops a great pond with ducks and beautiful scenery.

I’d love to hear what Atlanta play spaces are your family’s favorites! 



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