B-Ready 4 Anything with Britax :: A Complete Review

I’ve been a mother for nearly 7 years to three beautiful children.  For some that may sound like a long time, and for others you realize how quickly it can fly by.  That’s the only excuse I have for why I have not owned a Britax B-Ready 4 Anything stroller before now.  Time flies.

The new B-Ready Stroller from Britax helps you be ready for anything and have plenty of room for all the items (or children) you have in tow.  And it is so easy to use!  The set up takes less than 20 minutes and if you already own a Britax infant car seat you will be thrilled to know that it utilizes their patented click & go system that is one simple click in and out.

My 5 B-Ready Favorites 

1. Multiple Recline Position
My son is tall and I love that the chair can recline easily for napping and for the feet so his little legs aren’t dangling over.  To me this is truly a recliner for your child and we all know a comfy kid is more likely to be a happy kid.

As you can see in the photo, we’ve got his legs propped up so he can relax while we stroll.  The position is able to go nearly flat but if you have an infant and want the full flat position, they recommend the bassinet option.

Britax B-Ready 4 Anything Multiple Recline Positions
Britax B-Ready 4 Anything - Storage Basket

2. Storage Basket
I have three kids, a husband, and a small dog.  We never travel light and we always seem to pack for a one hour stroll as if we are leaving and never coming home.  Having a full storage basket with plenty of space is KEY for my family so we can bring all our “must haves.”  We found that when the Papillon is feeling extra lazy he enjoys this feature as well!

3. Wheels
The stroller has four wheels, which can be locked if you need to keep a straight path for power walking.  (B-Agile or BOB recommended for serious runners).  The tires are filled with foam and have a suspension system so you are able to push two kids and feel like it is a breeze.

During our event we were able to stroll around the park and some moms even took it off road in the grass with the same amount of ease.  While this is not an “off-road” stroller the reality is that we never know what we will get ourselves into and it is nice to know it can handle it.

Britax B-Ready 4 Anything - Wheels
Britax B-Ready 4 Anything Accessories

4. Accessories
First of all, what woman doesn’t love accessories?  As I said earlier we always roll deep and the organizer attachment is perfect!  It can hold my coffee, baby’s milk, cell phone, and whatever snacks we need.  The pouch has a top cover and is convenient to hide your keys and other personal items while you are using the stroller.  It’s a nice place to have a mini purse if you are trying to travel light too!

5. Multiple Kids
The seat has 12 seating options and you can comfortably carry 2 children.  Whether you have twins, two little ones, or older children you have an option.  The seat can hold children 6 months old and up to 55 pounds and the additional chair can hold children up to 35 pounds if you choose to add.

Britax B-Ready 4 Anything Stroller

The Round Up

This stroller is remarkable and the Britax team is dedicated to learning what families need and providing quality items that make your life easier.  The team we is highly receptive to feedback and partnered with us for an event to meet Atlanta Area Moms.  They want direct feedback and are passionate about moms and their children. 

If you are looking for a great buy that will last through all stages of young children this stroller and accessories are highly recommended by this tried and true mama of three.  Below is our Facebook Live training session from our event.  

***PLEASE NOTE :: depending on when you are reading this post the giveaway may have already taken place.***

Atlanta Area Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Britax to provide info about their new 2017 B-Ready stroller for busy families. The writer received a sample of the stroller for use to test the features and benefits as well as attended an event with their staff to learn more in person (see video insert).
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