Cobb Diaper Day – Mom to Mom Help for Babies in Need

As a mom, you probably have a tried-and-true favorite diaper brand. And, you’re no doubt amazed at how fast your kids can go through a box of diapers. If you’re a mom of twins like me, well, just double that!

Most of us are lucky enough that we don’t think twice about heading to Costco or Target to pick up more diapers. After all, diapers are the ultimate baby care basic. You simply can’t go without them. But imagine that family finances are tight…or that you’re raising a baby on your own. Low-income families in our Atlanta communities often have the added daily stress of choosing between food and diapers. Think about this:

  • On average, a supply of diapers for one infant is approximately $100 per month.
  • Food stamps do not cover any hygiene products, including diapers.
  • Day care centers require parents to provide their own diapers. No diapers, no day care.
  • Local agencies, such as the Center for Family Resources, YWCA of Northwest Georgia and MUST Ministries, can only give out diapers to families in need four times a year due to the lack of resources.
  • Prolonged wearing of wet diapers causes diaper rash; a crying, uncomfortable baby leads to even more stress in the home.

This October, there’s at least one way you can help a fellow mom in your own community. 


How to Get Diapers to Local Moms In Need

Cobb Children’s Fund annual Cobb Diaper Day event collects diapers of all sizes for low-income families with infants and young children. You can help them reach their goal of collecting more than 100,000 diapers this month! Here’s how:

  • Declare a day in October to collect diapers from your neighborhood, moms group, workplace or church employees, organization members or friends
  • Hold a diaper drive in your neighborhood
  • Donate online at
  • Call 404-276-0808 to arrange for pick up, or drop off donations at the Cobb Diaper Day celebration at Glover Park in Marietta Square on Mon., Oct. 24 from 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Since 2008, more than 500,000 diapers have been donated to Cobb Diaper Day to ease the burden of thousands of low-income families with infants. Consider supporting this need in your local community, from one mom to another. Learn more at  

Cobb Diaper Day 10/24/16

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  1. I had no idea that diapers were not covered by food stamps. That is crazy to me. Thanks for posting about this – I had no idea that this was out there in the community!

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