Julia Buerger

Julia Buerger
Julia is committed to empowering moms to find their voice, live their best life, and raise children who know how to work hard, dream big, and be good to one another. She also works full time in retail and is dedicated to giving back and growing our community. Julia and her husband are both originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and moved to the Atlanta Area with their jobs in 2008. They have been together since the summer before Julia’s Senior year in college and are staunchly house divided when basketball season comes around for UK vs. UL but can both agree on Atlanta United! They have three children together {two girls, one boy} and recently moved to the East Cobb area. Julia loves spending time outside and enjoys jogging, cycling, and playing with her family.
Vaginal Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation :: What exactly does it mean?

I am about to get real, like really real.  You know all those people who say, "If it ain't broke then don't fix it?"  Well, they are liars.  All of them. This post has taken...
Caring and Giving HERO photo.jpg

Caring and Giving | Character Development

If you ask most parents they will tell you they want their children to grow up to be caring individuals who give back to others and their community. What you may not know is...

Selecting the Best Childcare for Your Family

When we became pregnant with our first child, we were beyond excited, but also scared of the unknown. Most importantly, we were anxious about the task of selecting child care for our family. We...
Summer Learning Regression & How to Prevent It {w/ Primrose}

Prevent Summer Learning Regression

Every year when summer rolls around, our house seems to get excited about the time "off" and getting to sleep a little longer. Then day two of summer is here and before we know...
Don't you dream of having your own glam squad and being able to wake up every day with salon hair? Well our partners at Eva NYC can help!

How to Succeed at Composting – Without Really Trying

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your social media, seeing all these awesome ideas about how to be the best mom ever?  What about the ideas to be super green, healthy, organized,...
Britax B-Ready 4 Anything Accessories

B-Ready 4 Anything with Britax :: A Complete Review

I’ve been a mother for nearly 7 years to three beautiful children.  For some that may sound like a long time, and for others you realize how quickly it can fly by.  That’s the only...