Gifts Pregnant and Expecting Moms Actually Need

Expecting a bundle of joy is an exhilarating journey filled with anticipation, joy, and even a few pregnancy cravings! While the spotlight often shines on baby gear and nursery decor, it’s essential not to overlook the real superhero– the mom-to-be herself.

Gifts Pregnant and Expecting Moms Actually Need
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Expecting moms need some love too.

Whether she’s navigating the adventure for the first time or growing her Target crew, showing appreciation for her incredible journey can truly make her day and allow her to feel special. 

In this guide, I’ve curated a collection of gifts pregnant and expecting moms actually need to help cater to their well-being, comfort, and joy. I kind of wish I had this list when I was pregnant to share with people so I got exactly what I needed. From soothing spa treatments to practical solutions that simplify their routine, these ideas are all about making moms feel special, supported, and understood as they embark on their incredible journey of motherhood.

Self-Care Essentials

  1. Pampering Bath Set: There’s something truly therapeutic about a relaxing bath. If the expecting mom is a fan of baths then this is the perfect gift for her. A pampering bath set complete with scented candles, bath salts, and indulgent body oils can turn her bathroom into a personal oasis where she can unwind and de-stress. You can even include a good book and a bottle of wine in your gift basket to take the experience to the next level for her.
  2. Prenatal Massage Gift Certificate: Pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body, and a gift certificate from her favorite massage studio can be a true godsend. Skilled therapists can work their magic, easing away those pregnancy-related aches and pains, and leaving the mom-to-be feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.
  3. Pregnancy Yoga Classes: Staying active during pregnancy has numerous benefits, and prenatal yoga classes are a fantastic way to achieve this. I personally did barre classes with both of my pregnancies until the day before I had both of my children. Best thing I could do for my body. Getting out and taking such classes allows an opportunity for relaxation and connecting with other expecting mothers.
  4. Spa Day Package: Being pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in a little pampering. A spa day package tailored for expecting moms can include treatments like facials, massages, and even pedicures. It’s a chance for her to unwind and feel special amidst the whirlwind of pregnancy preparations.
  5. Stress-Relief Items: Pregnancy can be both joyous and stressful. Stress-relief items like stress balls, essential oils, or relaxation CDs can help her manage stress and find moments of calm amidst the chaos.

    Gifts Pregnant and Expecting Moms Actually Need
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Pre/Post-Natal Essentials:

  1. Maternity Pillow: As her belly grows, sleeping comfortably can become a challenge. A maternity pillow is designed to support her changing body, offering comfort and much-needed rest during those precious sleep hours.
  2. Nursing Pillow: Planning to breastfeed? A nursing pillow can be a game-changer– and her back will thank you. It offers support for both her body and the baby during feeding sessions, making the experience more comfortable for both mom and baby. Some nursing pillows come with cute covers as another added bonus gift.
  3. Journal for Pregnancy and Beyond: Pregnancy is a journey filled with emotions and milestones. A beautifully designed journal can be a treasured keepsake where she can jot down her thoughts, document her experiences, and even paste sonogram pictures to create a comprehensive memory book.
  4. Belly Support Band: As her belly grows, so does the strain on her back and hips. A belly support band provides gentle compression and support, helping to alleviate discomfort and pain.
  5. Baby-Focused Books: Knowledge is power, especially for a soon-to-be mom. A selection of pregnancy, parenting, and baby care books can provide valuable insights, practical tips, and a sense of preparedness for the upcoming journey into motherhood.

Household Essentials:

  1. Meal Delivery Service: Cooking can become a demanding task during pregnancy, especially when morning sickness or fatigue sets in. A subscription to a meal delivery service ensures she has access to nutritious and delicious meals without the stress of meal planning and cooking. Even if the soon-to-be mom doesn’t use this during pregnancy, I promise that this is the first thing to be used after she has her baby.
  2. Grocery Delivery Subscription: This is just as important as meal delivery, maybe even more. She needs the essentials at home at all times and sometimes pregnancy fatigue and busy schedules might make grocery shopping a hassle. A subscription to a grocery delivery service can save her time and energy, ensuring she has the essentials she needs.
  3. House Cleaning Service: Keeping a tidy home can be challenging when you’re preparing for a new baby. Gifting her sessions with a house cleaning service can provide her with a clean and organized space, easing her mind and allowing her to focus on other tasks. Have one set while she is at the hospital so they can come home to a clean home and another one a few weeks after the baby has arrived.
  4. Babysitting/Childcare Service: If the mom-to-be has other children at home then hiring a babysitter for a few hours to give her a break from caring for the older kids can be a huge help.

    Gifts Pregnant and Expecting Moms Actually Need
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Clothing and Other Essentials: 

  1. Comfy Maternity Loungewear: Maternity loungewear is a must for any expecting mom. Getting something that is also nursing-friendly will also allow them to wear it while postpartum. Sizing is a personal thing so maybe getting her a gift card to a place that sells loungewear for expecting moms would be a better option. 
  2. Gift Cards to Her Favorite Stores: Gift cards may seem straightforward, but they offer endless possibilities. A gift card to a maternity clothing store or her favorite retailer lets her choose what she truly needs or desires, whether it’s cute baby clothes, comfortable maternity wear, or a little treat for herself.
  3. Subscription Box for Moms: Who doesn’t love surprises? Subscription boxes for expecting moms are curated with pregnancy-related goodies, from skincare products to accessories, providing delightful surprises month after month.
  4. Comfortable Footwear: Pregnancy can lead to swollen feet and increased discomfort. A pair of comfortable and supportive shoes can help her navigate through daily tasks with ease.

Other Services and Essentials: 

  1. Maternity Photo Shoot: Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life that needs to be captured. A maternity photoshoot can capture her radiant glow and the anticipation of motherhood, creating cherished memories she can look back on for years to come.
  2. Hospital or Birth Photography: People capture maternity photos all the time and it is pretty much the norm, but capturing hospital photos is something the mom may not have thought about. Booking a photographer to come to the hospital to capture moments of labor, post-delivery, and the new parents with the baby in the hospital can be such a sweet gesture to help capture those memories that always seem like a blur.
  3. Birth Preparation Classes: The unknown can be intimidating, especially when it comes to childbirth and parenting. Gift her the opportunity to attend birth preparation classes where she can learn about labor, delivery, and caring for a newborn. These classes can boost her confidence and help her feel more prepared.
  4. Online Workshops: The internet is a wealth of knowledge, and online workshops, courses, and other tools can be an excellent way to learn from the comfort of home for expecting moms. From childbirth techniques to breastfeeding basics and most importantly baby sleep, you will find something for just about anything. A perfect place to start your search is by utilizing the Atlanta Mom Pregnancy and Postpartum Care Guide.

The journey to motherhood is a remarkable one, and these gift ideas are designed to celebrate and support expecting moms during this oh-so-special time. From relaxation to practical assistance, each gift suggestion shows your thoughtfulness and consideration for the expecting mom’s needs and well-being.

Whether you choose to pamper her with spa treatments, provide practical solutions, or offer her knowledge and comfort, your gift will undoubtedly make her feel cherished and cared for as she is busy caring for brand brand-new bundle of joy.