Podcast Recommendations for Expectant Moms

Hi, my name is Traci and I love podcasts. My obsession began in 2014, right after the birth of my daughter when Serial was released. Serial is a true crime podcast and for me, was the “gateway” into the podcast world. I still enjoy listening to true crime podcasts when I am alone in the car (they tend to be not toddler-friendly), but these days I have been binging on parenting podcasts. Specifically, I find myself listening to podcasts geared toward new or expecting moms.

Here are few podcast recommendations that other expectant (and new moms) might love:

The Birth Hour 

the birth hour podcast logo

I have pretty much been playing this podcast non-stop since I found it. The episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour and twenty minutes and just mamas sharing their birth stories. There are all types of births and each mom shares resources at the end. Definitely a must listen!

PregTASTIC Online Radio 

pregtastic podcast logoThis podcast provides a wealth of knowledge for expectant moms. There are over two hundred episodes on different topics. I especially liked the episodes on routine hospital procedures for moms and newborns and informed consent. Sadly, this podcast hasn’t had any new episodes since 2012, but the archives are worth listening to!

The Birthful Podcast 

birthful podcast logoThis podcast covers a wider range of topics that span from pregnancy, birth and postpartum. There are some birth stories, some conversations with medical experts, and even some episodes that includes a dad perspective! 

Pea in the Podcast

Pea in the Podcast logoPea in the Podcast is a great, short listen for expectant moms. Episodes range from 15 minutes up to 35/40 minutes and have more of an informative tone and feel. One really cool thing about this podcast is the episodes for each week of pregnancy (like those email updates you get, but in audio format)!

Do you have any podcasts on your “must listen to” list?