Traci moved to Georgia 12 years ago to attend the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), which was quite an adjustment after growing up just outside San Francisco. She met her husband Steven at UGA and celebrated their 6 year wedding anniversary in April. In 2014 Traci, Steven, and adorable dog Stella, welcomed daughter Carter Catherine to the family. Traci works full time in Higher Education and aims to balance her semi-crunchy California roots with a modern mama mentality, the desire to be creative with a lack of free time, and her goal of incorporating healthy habits/workouts with a crazy schedule.

Atlanta Day Date Ideas

I love a good date night. Atlanta has a great nightlife and it seems like there is always a concert to attend, a special event going on, or a new restaurant to try. However,...
Outdoor Pools at Atlanta YMCAs

Outdoor Pools at Atlanta YMCAs

Being a member of a local YMCA brings privileges to visit any YMCA in the Atlanta area. My family has been taking advantage of this member benefit this summer by touring the metro-Atlanta YMCA outdoor pools. Growing...
Podcast Recommendations for Expectant Moms

Podcast Recommendations for Expectant Moms

Hi, my name is Traci and I love podcasts. My obsession began in 2014, right after the birth of my daughter when Serial was released. Serial is a true crime podcast and for me,...
Commuting With Toddlers | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Commuting with a Toddler

Commuting with a toddler (or any age child) can be tough. Every morning and afternoon I drive between 30 and 50 minutes with my 2 and a half-year-old and have since she was 4 months old....
Instagram for Book Lovers | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Instagram for Book Lovers

We love reading in our house. My husband and I both read nonstop, and with any luck, we will pass on this passion to our daughter. Our daughter's book collection started with hand-me-down favorites...

Tips for an Unmedicated Hospital Birth in Atlanta

There is not one "right way" to have a baby. Some people decide to have babies at home, others a hospital, and now in Atlanta, you have the option of having a baby at...
wood toys toddlers will love

Wood Toys Toddlers Will Love

With my daughters birthday and the holidays coming, I am already anticipating the "what can we get her?" from loved ones. Wood toys are some of our favorites. They are made from natural materials,...
exploring nature with kids at three atlanta parks

Exploring Nature with Kids at 3 Atlanta Parks

Summer and early fall are perfect for exploring nature with your little ones. North metro-Atlanta is home to many streams, rivers, parks, and trails that make it easy to get outdoors and get dirty! Next...