Your New Favorite Things!

This post is written in partnership with our local favorites who have sponsored being part of the event. The opinion and excitement are all the writer's own!


We are so excited to share this post with you all! This fun post is about some of our favorite things that we know will make it to your favorite things as well!

We are gonna get right into the goodness here and share some of our favorite things, and don’t worry, its in no particular order!

Da Vinci Doughnuts 

Starting with Da Vinci doughnuts because, well we love food and love yummy doughnuts! What makes these guys so special, other than they make their stuff fresh every day? Well, you can make it to order. That’s right, you can ask them to top that delicious doughy circle however you want! My favorite is dressing it up with a bunch of gooey marshmallow goodness! Make sure to take trip in and share with us how you like yours !

Nadi Organic Rosehip Drink

Summer is right around the corner and Atlanta has some of the hottest days I’ve seen. Nadi Organic Rosehip Drink has given me something to look forward on those days. It not only taste delicious, but it’s actually pretty great for you. Rosehip is grown in Georgia (the country not the state) and has one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C you can find in one source, along with a lot of other health benefits. This is a drink you definitely want to try out this summer! Let us know how you like the taste! 

Bug Soother

Bug Soother is a natural Bug Repellent created by Simply Soothing, a family owned and operated business.The reason it was created is the reason I love to use it. The desire to provide something free of Harsh Chemicals like DEET in other bug repellents. This is going to be amazing asset in the heat of Georgia summers while exploring new hiking trails and something you want handy as well.

Ergo Pouch Swaddle

When I had my son, I didn’t know how to swaddle and, he did not like to be swaddled. Do you even know how much I wish I had an Ergo Pouch Swaddle?They are both stylish and a lifesaver for a sleep deprived parent. I would have skipped 3 hours of YouTube videos watching how to swaddle had I known.

Mam Baby

There are a bunch of bottles out there that are specifically designed anti-colic. None are as stylish as the ones you can find at MAM Baby. Another cool feature is that they have rubber surrounding the bottles. This helps them bounce right back up once they fall. I loved this company before I even found out about their beautiful bottles. Their teethers saved my sanity and are worth checking out, immediately!


I love outlets, what I don’t love is driving to them…or finding parking once I’m there. So Pediped is a life saver. It’s our favorite Online outlet for kids shoes, and after a few clicks through the site, it’s going to be yours as well. They have the most adorable little shoes for our most adorable little feet!


The reason we love these sippy cups are the same reason you will, they are bright, practical and so affordable. The best part is, these colors are going to have your little ones loving them just as much as you! They don’t just amaze in the sippy cup department either, check out their super cool feeding tools!

 Pics Peanut Butter

Do you love peanut butter? We do, and we absolutely love Pics Peanut butter, it’s delicious and creamy, smooth and natural. Why do you want this in your pantry? Well really simply, unlike most other peanut butters, this one isn’t loaded with sugars. Sugars that are going to make my already high energy toddler, even more high energy. Once you try this delicious, natural peanut butter, it’s quickly going to make its way onto your favorite things list as well!

Once you give these a try, make sure you don’t forget to share with us what made it to your favorites list in the comments!

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