My Mom Bucket List

My Mom Bucket List

One of things most moms have in common is we don’t do as much for ourselves. Sometimes I think about the things I’d do if I had more time, things I miss, or things I look forward to. I would never wish away the time I have with my daughter, but I am also glad I’m no longer changing diapers.

Read a whole book in one day
Can you imagine? It’s been years since I’ve been able to read a book so quickly! Obviously, being able to do this would require a lot of uninterrupted free time.

Take a long, uninterrupted nap
I think the only time I’ve done this since becoming a mom was while I was sick. But I would love to take a nap just because I stayed up way too late the night before, and not be woken up until I’m good and ready!

Girls trip (kid and husband-free)
I’ve been lucky enough to actually do this one, a couple of years ago, but I’d like to do it again, and even make it an annual thing. A girl can dream.

Stay at a hotel overnight by myself and order room service
I’ve talked about doing this so many times. Why haven’t I yet?

Have someone else deep clean my house
This is another one I keep talking about. But after being confined to our home for months during the pandemic, I am determined to make this one a reality.

Wipe a butt for the last time
I guess when this happens for me depends on whether or not I have a second child, but I think most parents of potty-trained toddlers are very ready to be totally, completely done with wiping butts.

Walk through my house without stepping on crumbs or toys
My child and dog are going to have to work together to make this one happen. It’ll be several years from now, I’m sure.

Learn a new skill or craft
This was one of my goals for 2020, and I’m well on my way! Learning something new, especially just for fun, as a mom can be difficult. We have to prioritize time to be able to do it!

What are some things on your mom bucket list?