What I Want to Remember Post-Pandemic

What I Want to Remember Post-Pandemic

Here in Georgia, it feels like some things are returning to “normal”, while it’s still not normal at all. I don’t want to forget what this time felt like, because I think we can all learn a lot from it.

I don’t want to forget:

Loungewear is superior, and there’s no reason we all have to be uncomfortable all the time.

As much as I worried about my daughter, in some ways she seemed to thrive with more time at home.

Independent play and open-ended toys are so, so important, especially for only children.

I really appreciate having a structured day.

Teachers deserve to be paid more.

March seemed frozen in time, but April and May flew by.

I stopped counting screen time minutes, and it was okay.

My daughter ate the same lunch for several days in a row, and it was okay.

I don’t really miss eating at restaurants.

Some nights we disregarded bedtime in favor of extra snuggles, and it was always worth it.

We were so incredibly happy to be able to see friends, from six feet away.

People helped each other, even if it was just dropping toilet paper off at their doorstep.

We are so grateful to essential workers, and I hope we will continue to be when things get better.

I sanitized everything, and I want to continue to be more aware of spreading germs.

The possibility of not being able to get what we need was terrifying to me.

Just being outside was enough most days.

Things that sold out in stores included: toilet paper, cleaning supplies, puzzles, art supplies, bicycles, sidewalk chalk, and board games.

In some ways, we connected with people more than ever before, even though we couldn’t be near each other.

A busy schedule is overrated.

What do you hope to remember about the pandemic years from now?