A Love Letter to my Oldest Daughter, on the Cusp of Kindergarten

My sweet little darling,

Soon you start kindergarten. To say I am in utter disbelief would be an understatement.

Your Daddy and I were recently reminiscing about how fast (and slow) the last 5.5 years have passed. You arrived earth-side furiously, and a month early to boot. I don’t think you stopped screaming for the first five months of your life. Your Daddy and I used to look at each other through those (loud) days and nights, and jokingly wonder what we did with all of our time (and sleep) before you arrived. 

A rare moment that you weren’t screaming, you sweet delicious perfect baby.

But those baby days passed quickly and before we knew it, you blossomed into a big sister. You became a leader when your younger sister was born and never turned down the opportunity to help your Momma. You had the magic touch when it came to making the baby giggle. 

Preschool came and went. Making friends comes naturally to you and you developed a love of learning. I have enormous gratitude for your amazing preschool teachers who recognized your strengths and talents early and nourished them.

We welcomed another baby girl into our family and I don’t think you remember a time before having two little sisters. You’re the best role model to them, and are more of a help to your Mom and Dad than you know!

You are confident and smart, and silly, and happy. You take your responsibilities seriously and never want to disappoint anyone.

When we slowly trudged together through the early days of your life, I daydreamed about getting a little “freedom” back for myself when, one day (in the far off, very distant future) you began full-day school. But, now that day is nearly here, and the thought of you spending more hours away from me than at home is almost too much for me to bear.

I hope you thrive in school sweet pea, and I know giving you this gift of independence is a huge part of being a parent. Don’t ever give up, believe in yourself, you can do hard things! Be kind…to others and most importantly, to yourself. We love you to the moon and back, baby girl.

Love, Mom and Dad 

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A graduate of Colgate University and the University of South Carolina, Laura landed in Atlanta in 2014 after her husband Ryan retired from the military. Although she previously worked for several years in the hospitality/events industry, Laura became a stay-at-home-mom when her daughter Taylor was born in 2014, and then quickly welcomed two more daughters, Sloan in 2015 and Chandler in 2017. While most waking (and sleeping) moments are consumed by her daughters, in her free time Laura enjoys traveling, reading, true crime podcasts, and of course, a good nap.