Happy Birthday, Leo Moms!

Being a Leo and a mom can be tough. Our natural instincts to put family first, being overly sensitive and having great intuition may make you think we ROCK as moms. (And we want you to think that.) For those of you who don’t know much about Leo’s, here we go. Leo’s are born between July 23-August 22. Our symbol is the Lion, our Element is Fire, and Planet is the Sun. (That right there should tell you a lot…lol!) We are born to rule, rebellious yet respectful and we have zero tolerance for betrayal. Additionally, we are unquestionably loyal, extremely blunt, have great intuition, have trouble letting go of the past and are both the nicest and meanest people you’ll ever meet. (whoa!)

As a Leo, I feel like I have some great qualities that make me a good mom. But, there are many traits that this zodiac casts on me as “queen of the jungle” that I need to work on as a Leo Mom. For example, here are a few highlights I need to improve on that in turn hopefully help fellow lioness mommas out there, too.

Lesson 1: It’s Okay To Ask For Help
We aren’t ones to ask for help or favors. Prideful much?… So when we do, know it’s REALLY needed and more importantly we are trusting in you to do the favor. We are so stubborn and headstrong, the thought of asking for help, especially when it comes to our children, makes us feel “weak.” And Leo’s aren’t weak… well, we certainly can’t show it! Right? I didn’t ask for much help when my babies were born. I had to look strong and like I had my stuff together. There were many times I should have asked for help, instead, I got depressed or upset at myself for not being able to handle it all which is not a good way to live. As Leo’s, we need to be more welcoming to ask for help because it really does take a village, and we certainly can all use a little help.

Lesson 2: Let Them Go
Leo’s are known for being overprotective. Yes, I’m a Helicopter Mom, always have been…hey, at least I can admit it! Unfortunately, it has hindered my children’s lives because I’m always on high alert and sometimes can be so worried I tend to not allow them to do things. Ultimately, making choices for them instead of letting them go and try on their own isn’t necessarily the best parental tactic. I have to do better at letting them learn from their own mistakes and give them chances for more life experiences to happen to them.

Lesson 3: Perfectly Imperfect
Leo’s strive for perfection! We notice the little things in EVERYTHING (see above helicopter parent comment)! So when it comes to our home and family, Leo’s want perfection and do almost anything to get it. This is obviously unrealistic and is never going to happen especially with a home full of kids. But I still fight with cleaning the dishes or playing when my kids want me to go play with them. And I know that’s not going to last forever, so why on Earth am I so tied up in how the house looks??? I believe we all struggle with balancing that no matter our zodiac sign. But for some reason us Leo’s are especially stubborn with this.

We all have our struggles as moms. Our personalities, character traits, and habits sometimes lead us to parent a way we don’t really like. If we see something we can change or get better at, it can make us feel better knowing we are doing the best for our children and giving them the best of us. Being a mom is hard enough, and noticing our awesome qualities and even flaws can help us better navigate this journey through motherhood.

It’s pretty cool to see how your zodiac impacts how you are as a mother. Moms, look into your zodiac traits and see which ones help you be a Rock Star mom and which ones that you could improve on.

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Sherri Owens
A Southern Belle with a Jersey attitude, Sherri was northern born and southern grown! She’s a SAHM, business owner and graphic designer, but most importantly a mommy of two tiny humans, (8 and 6) and mini long haired Dachshund. Sherri is a Flagler College grad who snuck away to FSU in 2006 and met her future husband, they’ve been together ever since! Her family has lived in beautiful Destin, FL, Jacksonville, FL and recently moved to Alpharetta, GA. She was a contributor for the Jacksonville Moms Blog and is looking forward to writing again for City Moms Blog in her new home. Baking, painting, the outdoors and pageants are a few of her favorite things. Obsessed with Christmas (all year long), you can find Sherri designing in her home office with coffee in her snowman mug and Nat King Cole playing in the background.


  1. I can totally relate being a fellow Leo mom. We certainly mean well but sometimes our lioness instincts can get the best of us. But, when it comes down to it, I wouldn’t want to be any other astrological sign.#leosrule

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