Easter Double Rhubarb Angel Food Cake

There’s nothing sweeter than little boys and girls dressed up in their Sunday best, toting little pastel baskets, and searching for Angel Food Cake Recipe candy-filled eggs hiding in plain site – except, maybe, for this rhubarb cake recipe. This recipe screams spring, from the light layers of angel food cake to the cloud-like whipped cream icing. The rhubarb nest on top is festive as-is, but can also be embellished with Easter eggs or decorative chicks. 

For those unfamiliar with rhubarb, it is a spring vegetable that grows in long stalks (similar to celery) and ranges in color from green to red. Despite technically being a vegetable, rhubarb is generally prepared as a fruit with sugar in pies, crumbles, and other desserts. It has a tart flavor on its own, so it is often mixed with strawberries or sugar to yield a more approachable sweet tangy profile. 

If you have leftover filling, it’s great over yogurt, vanilla ice cream, or in a glass of bubbly. Cheers to a festive and sweet Easter holiday!

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