Hi Mums! My name is Faiza, but please call me Fai ( rhymes with Pie ), all my friends do. I’m a 30 something mum of a wild 2 year old boy, but that’s not all folks I also have a wild 32 year old husband. I love nature, food, and anything techy’. Im wild about traveling, and keeping up with the latest beauty trends, though many come and go before I can manage sorting them out. I love exploring the world and since having a little wild one, I love it even more, it gives me a new lense to see the world in. I am a Toronto Native, although I have lived in more area codes than I can remember. If my friends had to describe me, the best way would be sunshine, with a side of lightning. I just can’t wait to share some new adventures with you all here in Atlanta ! Happy Reading<3

Gifts on my Son’s Birthday – All Moms Deserve

On my son’s first birthday, after we were done with cakes, pictures, and gifts my husband asked me to open one last present. It looked too tiny to be for a 1-year-old. In this tiny little...

“He’ll Grow Out of It” – Colic

When my son was born, I thought that the emergency c-section was going to be the toughest part. I remember I called our moms and said I was going in for delivery early, my...

Your New Favorite Things!

Favorites  We are so excited to share this post with you all! This fun post is about some of our favorite things that we know will make it to your favorite things as well! We are...

Three Tips To Survive Compromise in Marriage

When you first get married, if you haven't lived with each other, it's your first go at learning all about compromise. One would assume being one of five siblings, that I am a pro at...
Transplant: Tips and Tricks to Being the New Mom in Town

Transplant: Tips and Tricks to Being the New Mom in Town

I’m an Expat A Transplant “Hi! I'm new here and wanted to see if there are any other moms new to the area as well that might want to get together?” What's transplant or expat you ask? Well...