Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips
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We are officially in the Halloween season. Between trick-or-treat events, costume parties, and haunted houses, mid to late October can be a busy season. All these events lead up to the main event on October 31st – trick-or-treating.

If you venture out, be sure to keep these trick-or-treat safety tips in mind.

Halloween Street Smarts

  • Stay on well-lit streets and use the sidewalk. If the neighborhood does not have sidewalks, walk on the far edge facing traffic. Have your child walk on the inside edge.
  • Walk, don’t run. It’s an exciting time but encourage your child to walk from house to house.
  • Cross the street at intersections and use crosswalks. Avoid crossing the street mid-block or in between parked cars.
  • Keep your head up and be alert. Stay engaged and alert by putting electronic devices away while walking. If you are driving on Halloween afternoon or evening, go slow and take extra time to look for excited trick-or-treaters at intersections.

Costume Safety Considerations

  • Embrace bright colors. Encourage costume selections with bright colors and patterns that can be seen by other trick-or-treaters and drivers.
  • Add extra decoration to costumes. Consider adding reflective tape or stickers to costumes and trick-or-treat bags for great visibility on dark evenings.
  • Get a proper fit. Choose costumes and shoes that fit properly to avoid slips, trips, and falls. Consider non-toxic makeup as an alternative to a mask. If a costume includes a mask, be sure the mask does not block vision.

Home Preparation Ideas

  • Remove tripping hazards. Keep your porch front steps, and yard clear of any hazards (i.e. garden hose, wet leaves, toys, etc.) that may cause young visitors to trip and fall.
  • Check outdoor lighting. Replace any burned-out lightbulbs ahead of time so your home is well-lit and welcoming for trick-or-treaters.
  • Restrain pets. Keep pets away so they do not jump on or bite trick-or-treaters.

Safety Tips for Everyone

  • Set boundaries for older children. Agree on an acceptable route older children should follow if they trick-or-treat alone. Agree on a specified time they should return home.
  • Grab supplies. Get a flashlight with batteries or glow sticks for everyone.
  • Travel in groups. Create a buddy system so there are no lonely trick-or-treaters.
  • Stay outside at all times. Remind children not to enter a home or car for a treat. Do not hesitate to report any suspicious activity.
  • Enjoy treats at home. Check all treats and throw away unwrapped or suspicious items before allowing children to enjoy their treats.

Halloween is a time of thrills and imagination. Keep these tips in mind to have a fun and safe Halloween for you and your family.

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