The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch
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I recently learned that there’s quite an online debate over the Switch Witch.

In case you haven’t heard of the Switch Witch, let me give you a little background. On Halloween, you go trick or treating, then you leave your candy out for the Switch Witch. She will take your candy but switch it out for a gift. Who knew that such a small, insignificant tradition would illicit such strong feelings on both sides?!

The pro-Switch Witch arguments include:

  • kids don’t need all of that candy
  • keeps the Halloween fun going
  • gift makes it easier for kids to give up the candy

The anti-Switch Witch arguments include:

  • kids don’t need another gift
  • why do they need to be bribed to give up their candy (“be the parent and just take it away”)
  • it’s once a year, let them eat the candy

Personally, I have been doing the Switch Witch tradition long before I ever even knew she existed. I told my kids they could choose the number of pieces of candy they are old (5 years old = 5 pieces of candy) and then leave the rest out for the Halloween fairy. Admittedly, Switch Witch has a nicer ring to it…but alas, the idea was the same. Since my kids went to bed before trick-or-treating was done, I just gave out the candy they were switching to the trick-or-treaters that came later in the evening. The gift would always be a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and some small toy I picked up in the dollar section at Target (back when things used to actually cost $1…). It was so simple and they looked forward to the Halloween fairy just as much as they looked forward to Halloween.

In hindsight, I get I could’ve just “been the parent” and told them to give up their candy. Honestly, they would’ve happily obeyed. I probably could’ve just let them eat all that candy or hoard it for months to come before I made it disappear in the trash can while they were at school. I understand that I had plenty of options. But even in reflecting back, I must say, I’m still pro-Switch Witch or Halloween Fairy or whatever you’d like to call it. Why? They are only little for a little while. If I can sprinkle in a  little extra magic to make the evening last a little bit longer and give them a little something more to look forward to, why wouldn’t I?  In the same breath, I also say, if you’re anti-Switch Witch, you’ll get no judgment from me! I always say, “Make the decision that works best for you and your family.”

Dare I ask? Are you pro- or are you anti-Switch Witch?

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Sandra Chung
Sandra is a so-southern, second-generation Korean-American, born and raised in Rome, Georgia. She moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech and never left! She and her husband, Alex, live in Smyrna with their two daughters, Mia and Emmie. They are a tight-knit family that enjoys adventures, travel, and pajama days at home! Sandra has a passion for celebrations, both large and small…from holidays to birthdays to random Tuesdays…she loves them all! She recently began sharing her passion on Instagram @sandracelebrates and is excited to share her entertaining, crafting, and family fun ideas on Atlanta Mom!