Mail Order Fright: Holiday Cards with a Twist

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween! Ghouls & goblins have come a-haunting and the crunch of recently fallen leaves marks your every step. Pathways glow from the flicker of twinkling jack-o-lanterns. Best of all, those growls, screeches & screams you hear won’t be my kids fighting over the remote. That alone makes it the most wondrous time of year.

It’s no secret when it comes to holidays, I’m partial to ones that don’t leave me fat, broke or wondering how I can be trusted to raise children when I can’t keep flowers alive. (I’m looking at you Thanksgiving, Christmas & Valentine’s Day.)

There’s something about Halloween in particular that puts an extra pep in my step. The whimsy and magic of the night. The fantasy and suspense of what may be that keeps little eyes bright. We take Halloween seriously in our house and pull out all the (PG-rated) stops where we can. It’s part of what makes our celebration uniquely us. And over the past few years, we’ve done our best to spread that celebration. Our friends & family love when Halloween rolls around because they know it means the arrival of the annual Brown family holiday card.

Most families send yearly wrap-ups, that’s not out of the ordinary, I know. But ours is special because the kids are decked out not in their formal Sunday best, but in their most imaginative Halloween finest. The kids love getting to show off their alter egos and the card recipients always feel as if they’ve been let in on some private family fun time.

Production is minimal as we typically choose to highlight the costume and have yet to really create a “set” as a backdrop. Although, there’s always next year! The total project expense is comparable to sending out most other holiday greeting cards. And if you plan well enough in advance you can even take advantage of tons of online deals.

What started as a creative way to share our (oldest) daughter’s first Halloween has morphed into a well thought out holiday tradition that means so much to everyone involved. The idea of celebrating yearly milestones on our terms is truly one I hold dear. My greatest hope is that the magic we’re creating as a family in this way is something the kids remember for years to come.


Good luck with your spooky night, moms & dads, and best wishes for a holiday all your own!


  1. I love the idea of sending out cards on holidays that aren’t Christmas! Partly because it takes the pressure off of me for Christmas cards… because OHMAGOSH isn’t there enough going on that time of year? But also it’s a surprise for your family and friends!

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