Brittni Brown is a freelance writer and stay at home mom to a group of mostly sane little ones who are still young enough to find her neuroses humorous. Originally from Illinois, she currently calls Marietta home and considers herself the lone Georgia peach that completes her fruit basket (case) of a family. When not excelling at mediocrity in motherhood she's a (usually) doting (but mostly sarcastic) wife to her husband of 10+ years. She chronicles the dysfunction that occurs between coffee hour and tequila time on her blog Leave It To Brittni Instagram and Facebook in case evidence is needed for any future court cases.

The Toes Have It :: Atlanta Area Moms Review Bombas Socks ::

Use code ATLANTAMOM for 20% off your first Bombas sock order. Fun fact, I can stare down a whining kid from over 10 feet away. No lie. It’s not exactly a party trick but it...

Celebrating Grandparents Day in a Very Grand Way

Americans love a good made-up holiday. If you think of one thing you like, and even a few you don’t, chances are there’s a holiday honoring it.  Don’t believe me? I checked and a...

Moms Say the Darndest Things

A few years ago, I’d post a weekly status on my Facebook page. Something along the lines of, “You guys won’t believe what I’ve said to my kids this week, and it’s only Tuesday…”...

Kids In the Community: MLK Day of Service

The first of the year has come and gone and many of us are still in holiday hangover mode and feeling drained of both energy & money, or is that just me?. We’re getting...

All Things Less Annoying Than My Threenager

I was remarking to friends recently how interesting it is to watch my children’s innate personalities manifest after birth. When it comes to nature vs. nurture, I’m always quick to rattle off a myriad...

Simply Summer – A Mayfield Ice Cream Experience

Picture it: Chicago, the summer of 1989. My little brother and I had invented the very best game in the entire world. We stood atop the steep hill our house sat on and laid...

Summer Camp Dreams for the Suburban Mom

Last week (during week #3 of summer break) my kids sat amidst a toy store’s worth of gadgets and doodads and groaned boredom for the millionth time this summer. The youngest wanted someone to...

I Already Need a Nap: Bedtime Stories with Brittni

When my friends at Atlanta Area Moms Blog asked me to write about May being Better Sleep Month, I laughed. It was one of those raspy laughs that go on for a moment too long....
Minis on a Mission | Atlanta Area Moms Blog - Guide to Free Spring Break

Spring Break Staycation on a Budget

A Family-Friendly Free Ride in Atlanta I have many goals in life, contrary to what my children think. Among them: to be on the Ellen show during the Christmas season, to once again fit into...
It Gets Better :: Parenting when the Days are Long | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

It Gets Better: Parenting When the Days Are Long

I am something of a professional Pinterest-er. By that I mean, I am an expert in the art of curating well-rounded boards. Catering to everything from my need to entertain 3 small children with...