Christine grew up in the Atlanta area where she returned after college and met her husband of 5 years in one of the last standing dive bars from what most of us remember as 'old Buckhead'. After six years in consulting, she pursued her dream to go culinary school in NY and then Italy where she gained the experience necessary to start a boutique catering company, Squash Blossom Kitchens, with a good childhood friend. When she's not catering during the week, she enjoys staying home part-time with her son, Nolan, and her rescue pit mix, Vita. She loves long walks on the belt line, yoga, and Campari cocktails and looks forward to sharing her stories and advice on living in town with a little one.
A Guide to Atlanta's Favorite Ice Cream Spots

A Guide to Atlanta’s Favorite Ice Cream Spots

Even though National Ice Cream month is in July, we love the sweet treat year-round. And although my love for ice cream is innate, much like the love of a child, it was nurtured...
birthday presents

No Presents Please

"No presents please!" is a phrase I'm seeing more often than not on the many birthday party invitations flooding my son's social calendar. With most schools now requiring inclusion for such events, the number...
Rhubarb Angel Food Recipe

Easter Double Rhubarb Angel Food Cake

There's nothing sweeter than little boys and girls dressed up in their Sunday best, toting little pastel baskets, and searching for candy-filled eggs hiding in plain site - except, maybe, for this rhubarb cake...

A Sweet Play Date for Your Little Valentines

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I'm seeing pink! Not just because I recently found out that this little baby I've been carrying in my belly for the past 20 weeks is a...
New Soups for the New Year

New Soups for the New Year

With the passing of another year, comes new ambitions, goals, and resolutions for the new one. Inevitably, at the top of everyone's list, are health and diet-based changes. Plump from holiday partying and feasting,...

Cookies are for Baking: Hazelnut Thumbprints

I know it can be next to impossible to find time to do something relatively time-consuming, like baking cookies, this time of year, but cookies (and Christmas) are for baking!  Some of my fondest...

Your Mechanic Takes the Hassle Out of Car Maintenance

If it were up to me I'd run my cars into the ground. Despite my Dad's attempts to ensure I was a self-sufficient car owner, any sign of trouble, low tire pressure, check engine lights,...

Halloween Open House Party

Trick-or-treating with friends ranks pretty high on my list of outstanding childhood memories. I can see my mom blinding speeding drivers with her flashlight like it was yesterday. I can recall the quick turnaround...
Potty Training for the Lazy Mom...| Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Potty Training for the Lazy Mom…

With the real deadline 2 months away, I decided to go with the slow and steady wins the race mentality for potty training. Don’t rush them through childhood people say, they grow up so quickly. Surely...

Semi-Homemade Grilled Pizzettas

Let's be honest, your summer is better spent cooling down by the pool, not holed up in a hot kitchen. So when it comes to mealtime, you need something easy to assemble and preferably...