Daddy’s Gift: A Mantra

You may have seen the inspiring videos on social media of (most commonly) a dad with his child teaching him/her a mantra. It’s kinda like a pep talk, but one you hope your child will memorize. A mantra can give them confidence and reassurance that they are strong, smart, and can do anything they put their minds too. When repeated day after day, the words can become ingrained in that child’s mind and heart.

A mantra is really shaping a child’s inner voice and as a parent, equipping our kids with strong mental tools is arguably our most important job for the duration of their life. I didn’t think my two kids really needed one until they were in elementary school when feelings and emotions started getting a little more complicated.

It all started when my kindergartener came home from school crying, “Mom, I’m the worst kid in class, everyone hates me!”. Long story short, he was on “yellow,” not “green” for his behavior, which was a rarity. But to him, it was the end of the world and I couldn’t get him to calm down. My heart ached at the fact he had those thoughts about himself and that’s when my husband came up with a mantra for both of our kids to help them work on their self-esteem, self-motivation, and confidence.

Fast forward a few months, our kids say their mantra every night before their prayers at bedtime. I love hearing them say those simple words because they speak it, believe it and live it!

Here’s an example of their mantra. It can easily be shortened or extended, depending on the child. It’s something little, that could make a big difference in your child’s life too.

God loves me
Jesus loves me
My mommy and daddy love me
I’m strong
I’m smart
I have a good heart
I’m courageous
I’m brave
I’m beautiful (or handsome)
I can do all the things I put my mind to.
I may make mistakes, but that’s ok because I can always try again
I’m thankful for my life, my health, my family, my friends, and my spirit

With this simple mantra, I’ve seen our kids’ self-talk improve! They have more confidence and are being more kind to themselves which are two of the most valuable things we can teach them.

In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to share this mantra as a valuable tool I’ve seen my husband give to our children. But all of us can do this with our kids. Life isn’t easy, even in kindergarten and we all can benefit from a reminder to be a little more kind to ourselves and confident in taking on our future. Whether you’re a mom or dad, I encourage you to create your own mantra for your kids. One day, when we’re not there, their inner voice will guide their way.

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