6 Swimsuit Tips for Moms for the Best Summer Ever

If swimsuit shopping is the last thing on your mind, we’ve rounded up a super helpful list of swimsuit tips for moms from an Atlanta-area stylist, who happens to be a mom herself. Check out her advice as well as a round-up of her favorite swimsuits for moms this year.

swimsuit tips for moms

The countdown to summer is on. You may have already picked out some cute swimsuits and swim shirts for your kids to last throughout the swim season, but have you thought about your own swimsuit?

If you’ve neglected swimsuit shopping, don’t worry. We have a stylist on tap with swimsuit tips for moms of all sizes just in time for hot weather.

Kam Throckmorton is the face and fashion of Glam Kam, a styling company focused on elevating the confidence of women through the transformative power of clothing and style. Not only has she received accolades in Best Self Atlanta Magazine and CBS Atlanta, she’s also been featured in Jezebel Magazine.

Glam Kam
Kam Throckmorton, owner of Glam Kam

Kam’s own style journey began with an interest in her mom’s wardrobe as a child and later took on a new angle when she surpassed 6″ in height in the seventh grade. This sudden adjustment during her early teen years prompted her to learn the best looks for her body shape and to embrace her own style. In the end, this struggle was the catalyst that spurred her to later launch Glam Kam to inspire and encourage others.

For the past 18 years, Kam has styled women (men, too) in the greater Atlanta area. Two years ago, her family moved to Saint Simons Island, where she is working to build her business locally while continuing to grow and maintain her Atlanta clients.

Follow Kam on Instagram or Facebook and get styling tips or reach out to her for virtual styling services at www.glamkam.com.

Admittedly, working with women feeds Kam’s soul, as she is a source of inspiration and expertise as she helps her clients to eliminate the stress of getting dressed—whether they are faced with a day of business meetings or the school pick-up line. “I’ve always said it takes just as long to put on a cute outfit as it does to put on a sad one,” says Kam. “It’s not selfish to invest in yourself.”

As a mom herself, Kam also understands first-hand that styling your mom bod after kids can be difficult. “I’ve been 6’2” and plus size for most of my life and thought I would have no problem dressing my new [postpartum] body, but the reality is, it’s hard,” admits Kam. “For a while, your body is not your own.”

Over the years, Kam has figured out some dos and don’ts when it comes to dressing moms stylishly without forgoing functionality (because moms rarely sit down!). Check out her swimsuit tips for moms who want to feel confident as well as comfortable playing in the water with their kids.

swimsuit tips for moms1. Put on the swimsuit.

Hands down, Kam points to simply putting on the swimsuit as the most important tip for moms. Splash in the pool, run on the beach, and don’t be afraid to get wet with your kids.

“We moved to the beach when my daughter was one and I am in a bathing suit at least three times a week, year-round,” says Kam. “I decided before we moved that I was not going to let my postpartum body keep me from enjoying life.”

2. Invest in a quality swimsuit.

With swimsuits, you often get what you pay for. And while there are some amazing suits for a couple hundred bucks, you can also find great affordable options at stores such as Target (see some of Kam’s favorite Target suits below). The key is trying on the suit to ensure it’s well made and offers the support you need, advises Kam.

Also, look for a suit with good fabric technology, she suggests. Some suits offer UV protection, shaping, extra lift and support, nursing accessibility, added coverage, and more. Be sure to narrow down the type of suit that fits your summer needs before you start shopping.

3. Be realistic about your activities.

Are you a mom of little ones? Will you be leaning over to help your toddler walk on sand or nursing your baby poolside? Will you be throwing the ball or frisbee with your bigger kids—or even jumping in the ocean waves or riding a boogie board to shore?

All these activity possibilities will influence your ideal choice of swimsuit. More than likely, “Now is not the time for the sexy plunging neckline,” says Kam. Instead, opt for suits that are stylish, yet practical.

4. Don’t assume more fabric is more flattering.

While the temptation for many moms may be to cover up more when they’re active with kids or insecure about their bodies, Kam says this isn’t always the best option. “You want to show some skin, but doing it strategically is key,” she says.

When swimsuit shopping, highlight the part of your body that gives you the most confidence. Try an off-the-shoulder look if you love your shoulders. Try an open-back suit if you love your back. Instead of focusing on your least favorite areas to cover up, instead, draw attention to the areas of your body that you feel good about.

5. Layer for added support and style.

While layering is a popular concept for everyday clothes, don’t forget to apply it to swimwear as well. Besides layering with a cute coverup or shorts to get to and from the pool or beach, you can also layer your swimsuits to provide more support with a touch of fashion.

As a very tall woman herself at 6’2″, Kam has a hard time finding suits that are long enough in the torso. “My main issue is the neckline is usually too revealing,” she says. “I’ve started wearing a supportive bikini top in a great color or print under my one piece. It gives me the support I want and also adds a pop of interest to my solid one piece.” 

6. Choose great accessories.

When it comes to swimwear, think outside the box to build your confidence and style. Beyond the swimsuit, choose great accessories that are not only functional but show off your style and boost your confidence of feeling put together.

“Choose a coverup in a color that makes you happy, even if it’s an easy dress or chic oversized button-up,” says Kam. “Grab great sunglasses and a hat that protects your face and makes you feel cool. Even your beach bag is an opportunity to express your style.”

Using these swimsuit tips for moms, you can begin to narrow down your swimwear choices based on functionality, technology, and style. Kam has even put together a list of her top summer swimwear picks for moms of all sizes. Check out her favorites below, most of which can be found online at Target, J.Crew, and Nordstrom.

  1. J.Crew Ruched V-Neck
  2. Target Plus Size Open Strappy
  3. City Chic Color Block
  4. Target Striped Side Cinch
  5. Nordstrom Rack Woven Trim
  6. Target Ruffle Over the Shoulder
  7. J.Crew Ruched One Shoulder
  8. Target Grommet Scallop
  9. Nordstrom One-Shoulder Ruffle
  1. Nordstrom Off the Shoulder
  2.  Nordstrom Ring-Embellished Plunge
  3. Nordstrom Chevron Python Wrap
  4. Nordstrom Angled Mesh V-Neck
  5. Nordstrom Belted Polka Dots
  6. Nordstrom Rack One-Shoulder Tropical
  7. Target Mesh Tote
  8. Fashionable Hats Panama Safari Hat
  9. Nordstrom Clear Beach Tote

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