Why You Should Embrace Your MOM BOD this Spring Break

Rock your MOM BOD

It’s Spring break in Atlanta, a time that often sparks excitement for warmer weather, beaches, lakes, time with family in the sun and – gasp, bathing suits. Whether you are comfortable in your post-baby body or feel anxiety about showing any skin, you are now a part of the MOM BOD family. Welcome it, embrace it, take care of it, and most importantly, love it and love yourself.

Women compare their bodies with others, and often as moms, our pre-mom bodies. I do it – more than I’d like to admit. At 36 years old with two kids, I am actually more fit than I have been in my whole life. I do Cross-fit several times a week (don’t stop reading), maintain the healthiest diet I ever have, and invest a lot of time in my personal health. I am proud of my investments and my body, and I’m happy with how these things have positively changed my life.

Yet, I still struggle with MOM BOD syndrome. And, I’m not alone. I hear it all the time from moms. Categorizing their MOM BOD as a less than attractive, less than an adequate body. This is so not true.

A MOM BOD is a beautiful bod

Here are some good reasons to remind you of why you should rock your MOM BOD proudly this Spring Break.

1. A MOM BOD is a beautiful bod
We think MOM BOD and immediate correlate to the ever-so-famous DAD BOD, which by the way is celebrated. In jest or not, let’s be real here – whose body has done the most amazing thing on earth? YOURS. You have grown and birthed a human being. That makes it beautiful no matter what shape or size you are, and that’s a body that should be celebrated.

2. There is no such thing as bad MOM BOD
Why does the media associate MOM BOD in a negative light? The truth is, just like pre-baby bodies, women take different shapes and forms post-baby too. Some of us gain more weight than others, some show stretch marks, some have scars, and some (ok most) join the deflated boob club. Some look exactly the same as they did pre-baby. We are all born different, and as such, our bodies change in different ways. Appreciating your body for its unique beauty – mom or not – is the real ticket.

3. Your MOM BOD is just that – YOURS. Own it.
Your body is yours and yours alone. You decide how you feel about it, how you treat it, how you nourish it and if you want to change it. Don’t let anyone tell you it should look a certain way. You know your goals, your body’s limitations, and your life situation.  It’s okay if you want help from coaches, nutritionists or postpartum therapists – just do what’s right for you right now.

4. A healthy MOM BOD is the best MOM BOD
A healthy MOM BOD does not equate to a ripped-up body. Taking care of your little or not-so-little ones takes a lot of physical and mental strength. Take time for yourself, find a physical activity that suits you and your lifestyle now, and choose nutritious foods most of the time. But also take time to be outdoors, be with friends, and invest in mental and emotional strength – a huge part of MOM BOD health. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, don’t forget about yourself.

5. It’s OK to have MOM BOD goals – just be realistic
I’ll be honest. I have a lot of goals for my body. I have two children, and the second one did a number on my core – it was destroyed! I had diastasis recti. It put a hurtin’ on my belly, and I suffered pain from it. I am still trying to regain core strength three years later, so I am working on it – for my strength and stability and yes, for appearance. But I do it for me and no one else. I set a goal I feel is realistic at this point in my life and fitness journey – not to look like someone else or because I don’t like the way I look now. My point is: there is nothing wrong with having health and fitness goals for your MOM BOD – that can be a good thing. Just be kind to yourself, be patient and be realistic. Love your body through every change it makes, as long as you treat it well.

6. Your husband/partner loves your MOM BOD
Think your man doesn’t appreciate your body for what it has become? Try asking him. You might be surprised. I asked mine and he likes my shape more now, loves my post-baby butt and says I have Linda Hamilton arms. Ha – I don’t know about the last one. More importantly, he loves my body for bringing our two children into this world. Women are often harder on themselves than anyone else. Believe your man (and Bruno Mars) when he says you are beautiful and loves you just the way you are.

So set aside any negative feelings, listen to your body, and embrace your beautiful MOM BOD this Spring Break. The MOM BOD family is a good place to be. When you love it and yourself, the world will too!

What are some ways you are taking care of your MOM BOD? Share with us!