Fall Into Fashion

Fall Into FashionFall. It’s finally here. The long, hot, blazing days of summer are behind us and that crisp, cool, nip at your toes air is slowly starting to creep in. And with the change in weather comes a change to your wardrobe. How exciting, right? Or daunting depending on how you look at it, I suppose.

As we shift into the cooler days and months ahead, I have a few tips to share to help make your day-to-day wardrobe choices a little easier and less overwhelming. 

Fall Into Fashion

Fall is in, but summer is not out!

Fall Into Fashion

First, stop thinking winter versus fall versus summer wardrobe. It’s not a competition and we all can, and should, coexist. While transitioning into fall, be sure to keep out some of your summer staples, maybe a dress, tank, or tee. Don’t forget about shorts and skirts. It’s still not quite time to retire them for the season. Decide if the colors of these pieces are neutral enough to begin blending with some of the more natural fall colors. I personally love all earth tones, blushes, creams, etc… along with staple black or white pieces (that I tend to “soften” by blending with the other colors mentioned above). Basically, we are no longer reaching into our closets for bright neons, pastels, and beachy florals.

Bring on the layers! 

Fall into Fashion

Next, while Fall is all about warmth and coziness from colors, to textures, and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s most importantly about layers! Because if you know Georgia in the fall, you know on any given day you will experience an array of temperatures ranging from the low 50’s in the morning, potentially peaking right back up to high 80’s midday and right back down as the sun begins to set. Quite the weather pendulum shift if you ask me!

Layering is so simple! For example, if you have a short sleeve or tank dress, fitted or flowy, doesn’t matter, find a great lightweight jacket or cardigan to go along with it. If considering a jacket, I would go for one cropped in length just a little to help maintain your waistline. It’s a bit edgier than a longer jacket that falls just below the waistline that can sometimes make for a frumpy, or perhaps aged, look. If you do want something longer to cover your backside (which, my goodness if you have it flaunt it! Thank you J-Lo and the Kardashians for bringing us the curves!) you are going to want something ¾ length of your body that hits just below the knee and on down. Ultimately the goal is to create a proportionate (just not necessarily 50/50) look between the length of the dress and whatever you are pairing.

Accessorizing in fall is so fun!

Fall Into Fashion

Once you have the outfit, then start thinking about accessories and shoes! From head to toe, what are our best go-to’s? Staples in my closet include hats, hats, and more hats. Of every imaginable color. I’m not talking baseball hats either. I’m talking wide brim, beautiful, Fall pumpkin patching, apple picking hats! Go get you some if you don’t already have them. It really pulls an outfit together. In my opinion, long necklaces and cuff bracelets also help to add “depth” to an outfit and break up busy (which isn’t always bad) patterns or monochromatic looks. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. Go grab your basic black turtle neck (I know you have one) hanging in your closet and throw on a long necklace that falls below the bust line. Makes all the difference in the world!

And lastly, shoes! 

Ah, shoes. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Fall shoes are the best of both worlds because we can start to get into that chunky or knee-high boot or bootie and yet still have an open-toe option (which means we are still going to be paying for those pedis)! We know how easy it is to pair these with pants, jeans, and leggings, but don’t be afraid to round out a dress, skirt, or shorts this fall with those very same styles along with that cute jacket or long cardigan I talked about! It’s a fantastic, simple, and effortless way to fall into fashion this upcoming season!

Fall fashion is all about transitioning from summer to winter. So it really is a combination of both, but this gives it a life of its own. Don’t get intimidated. It is the season with the most flexibility and options when it comes to fashion. When in doubt, just follow the steps laid out above to simplify fall fashion and create a look that’s right for you!

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Hi! I’m Danielle Chehimi, owner of Looks by Dani Girl and your very own personal shopper, stylist, and fashion fairy God Mother. I’m a 41-year-old mamma to 3 and while I’ve always had a passion for shopping, fashion, and bargain hunting, it’s not until recently that I learned in addition to dressing myself, I also have an eye for dressing others! I absolutely love to help my clients, now turned friends, and friends turned clients, see their beautiful potential when it comes to their everyday style. And without stepping out of the box too much (unless given full permission) my simple mission is to help ELEVATE one’s look while highlighting all the assets!