Sizzling Summer Dates Around Atlanta: With A Twist

As the summer heat rolls into Atlanta, the city comes alive with an array of exciting activities and opportunities for romantic getaways around our gorgeous state. There is a reason for the iconic song by Hoagy Carmichael, “Georgia on my mind“.

Sizzling Summer Dates Around Atlanta: With A Twist
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Whether you’re a long-term couple looking to reignite the spark or a new pair seeking an unforgettable experience, Atlanta and our surrounding charming towns offer many options for summer dates, and OTP (Outside the Perimeter) escapes!

From scenic parks to cultural attractions and mouthwatering culinary delights, our vibrant city has something for every couple. As well as relaxing getaways away from traffic (at the end of the route). So what is the sizzle? Have you heard of an Alphabet Date lineup? I learned the concept from @datingdanielle on Instagram as she herself learned it from another influencer.

But what is the twist? I am still on the letter “C” since trying to start the date lineup in January. Getting a sitter is challenging; sometimes, you must get creative or bring the kids along. Try proposing a Parents-Night-Out event at your daycare center or going out during lunch when the kids are busy in camp or with family or friends to watch them (think playdates). So for this summer, I am doing our “Last Name Summer Dates Lineup.”

Our Last name is Quinones, and here is my idea for our lineup.

  • Q – Quicktrip gas station – I plan to take his truck, fill up his tank, and give him 1 minute to grab as many snacks as possible. Hopefully, we can eat them in the car and go to the car wash afterward.
  • U – Underwear shopping. There are various ways to go about this one. One is to hit the mall and shop for each other’s new pair of garments. Second, if online shopping is preferred, virtual shopping opens a bottle of wine, spends a good hour adding to the cart, and compares notes on what is liked and preferred.
  • I – Ink! I have been begging my husband to get a tattoo. For ten years, he has refused. So if this summer, it fails again, Ice cream sampling it shall be, or fake tattoos.
  • N- Noodles (ramen/pho). We love noodles and are lucky to live so close to Duluth and Buford, where I think the best Asian food in Georgia is. So we will be trying to find a new spot!
  • O – Olive Garden. Just keeping it simple. I mean, breadsticks, anyone? And yes, the answer is always more cheese.
  • N – Nintendo Night. Grabbing our favorite snacks and staying cozy while we play. Well, cozy to stay competitive. Who am I kidding?
  • E – Escape. This one is a stretch. But I would love an escape to the mountains, a charming little town, or even a night in the city. And if not, an escape to Target (with his credit card) will also work.
  • S – Staycation! Or just S… Leaving that one up to them.

Remember, this list of summer dates is just a starting point, and Georgia has so much more to offer for unforgettable dates. Soak up the sun, savor the vibrant atmosphere, and create lasting memories as you explore Atlanta, OTP getaways, and your relationship. Feel free to mix and match activities based on your preferences and create unique experiences.

    • A – Aquarium (Sips under the Sea night), Amusement Park, Afternoon Tea, Animal Shelter, Arcade Date
    • B – Braves Game, BabyLand Hospital, BeltLine Bike Night, Brewery Tour, Botanical Garden, Bookstore adventure
    • C – Chateau Elan, Cooking Class
    • D – Dancing Lesson, Desert Date, Double Date, Drive-in Movie Night, Dog Park
    • E – Exhibits in Pullman Yard (Currently exhibiting Jurrasic World), Escape room, Exercise class, Evening walk,
    • F – Frozen cocktails at ASW, Food Tour, Farmer’s Market, Flea Market, FancyDinner at Home
    • G – Glamping, Golfing, Game night, and Go-kart racing at Andretti’s
    • H – Helen (Little Bavaria), High Museum of Atlanta, Hiking, Hotel escape, Home Improvement Project
    • I – Ice cream date, indoor rock climbing, indoor picnic, Italian cooking
    • J – Japanese cuisine, Juice Tasting, Journaling date
    • K – Krog Street Market, Korean Cuisine, Karate class, Karaoke night, Kayaking, Kite flying
    • L – Library Date (or Books and Wine?), Park, Laser tag, Love letter writing
    • M – Museum Hopping, Movie night, Mini golf, Mixology class
    • N – Nature Walk at Piedmont Park, Netflix and chill, Nerf battle, Nutella tasting, Nostalgia night
    • O – Origami workshop, Observing the stars – observatory visit or star gazing from home
    • P – Piedmont Park Picnic, Photoshoot of you and your partner, Painting, Planetarium, Pottery Class, Puttshack
    • Q – Quicktrip, Quesadilla making, Quote sharing
    • R – Romantic Photo Sessions, Rooftop Dining or drinks, Rock Painting, Roller Skating, Recreate First Date, Random Acts of Kindness
    • S – Soccer game (Atlanta United), Sunset Kayaking on the Chattahoochee River, Scenic Drive, Salsa Dancing, Spa Day, Sightseeing, Scavenger Hunt
    • T – Truist Park, Trap Music Museum, Topgolf, Trivia Night, Tasting Tour, Toy Shopping
    • U – Underground Atlanta Visit, Ultimate Frisbee
    • V – Virginia Highland Neighborhood, Vortex Bar & Grill, Vineyard
    • W – Wine Tasting at a Local Winery or Wine Bar
    • X – Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate tour
    • Y – Yoga Class, Yellow River Game Ranch, Yelp Food Tour
    • Z – Zip Lining at Historic Banning Mills, Zoo

Do you have any summer dates that should be added to our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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Audrey Quinones
Originally from Puerto Rico, Audrey grew up in a military family moving across the southeast US. She moved to Atlanta in 2013 for work and fell in love with the city and her now husband, Jorge. Audrey has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, an MBA from Kennesaw State University, and now works as a Quality Assurance Engineer for a global communications company. She is an advocate for infertility and pregnancy loss and co-founded and co-hosted the Infertilidad Latina podcast, a "Spanglish" podcast that provides support for the Latinx community. After battling infertility and repeated pregnancy loss for over five years, she is now a new mom of a beautiful rainbow baby boy, Matteo Makai, who was born via Surrogacy in Ukraine. She loves to write and wrote a children's book titled Now Imagine: A story for our rainbow baby to cope during the difficult time. She journals about her journey to motherhood on her page @travelingtobaby. She is a world traveler, loves culture, and languages. She speaks three languages (English, Spanish and Italian) and hopes to master Ukrainian someday. She lives by the quote, "If there is a will, there is a way."