How to Unplug for a Day

How to Unplug for the DayTo be completely honest I am addicted to my phone.

Anyone else? It has become so challenging to unplug for a day. Unplugging is important for our mental health. It is no secret that constantly reading news updates, celebrity gossip, and scrolling through social media is unhealthy. But sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to take steps to create better habits with our devices. Unplugging for a day is a great step in the right direction to creating better habits.

Here is what I found helpful to unplug for a day:

  1. Start your morning off right – Instead of enjoying your morning coffee while scrolling on your phone, pick up a book or go on a family walk or head out for breakfast.
  2. Plan an outdoor activity –  It is the time when I am home sitting on my couch when I feel the urge to pick up my phone. Plan to spend the day in nature or at the pool. And refrain from taking pictures. I always feel the need to pull out my phone to capture everything. Sometimes it is nice just to be in the moment and remain fully present with your family.
  3. Set a time to respond to messages – Truthfully it can feel unrealistic to say you are not going to look at your phone the entire day. I know if I went the entire day without responding to my mom or best friend they would get worried. When you do have some downtime, set a timer on your phone to look at your phone and answer messages.
  4. Delete apps you may feel too tempted to check – This may seem extreme but I actually do this at times when I feel like I really need to break the bad habit. If you are like me and catch yourself scrolling on Instagram or checking your email after telling yourself you aren’t going to, just delete the apps for the day. It is a very refreshing feeling. Just do not forget your password. Yes, I’ve done that. Whoops!

What are some other tips that help you unplug for the day?

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Adrianna Poetzsch
Adrianna is a mom of two boys, Julian(3) and Nolan(1.5). Originally from New York, she and her husband moved to Atlanta in the fall of 2018. After moving here, it immediately felt like home for them. Despite the hot and humid summers she loves Atlanta and all that it has to offer for her and her family. After becoming a first-time mom, writing became an outlet for her to openly share all about motherhood; the good the bad, and the ugly. After blogging on her own for some time, she was thrilled when she found the Atlanta Mom community. A former teacher and now stay-at-home-mom, you can usually find her chasing around her boys. When she has some free time she enjoys exercising, reading, or binge-watching a show with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and of course a snack to go with it!