Back-to-School Time: How to Get Back Into the Grind

Well, that was fast! Summer is already over and school is back in session. For me, the prep is minimal. My daughter is a sophomore in college, and my son is a junior in high school. So, no more buses, carpools, or packed lunches. Instead, my new role is making sure my son gets up on time, keeping the school accounts in order, and finding new ways to get good intel on their lives. 

Back-to-School Time How to Get Back Into the GrindBack-to-School Time: How to Get Back Into the Grind

How I wish I had been better organized when they were younger! There are so many good tips out there for moms to get their little ones up, dressed, fed, and well-armed for a successful day at school. Here are my top ten.

  1. Pow Wow with the Fam – Get the gang together in one spot (no screens), and hash out what sleep habits need to change, and how. Make sure everyone commits to a wake-up time, and cover how breakfast will be handled, whether it’s everyone for themselves, or the food will be promptly served at 6:30 a.m.
  2. Hang It Up – Label a bulletin board with sections for each child, and ask them to pin important “must-see” papers to it as needed.
  3. Rope Off the VIP Table – Where will homework be done? (Hint: in bed is probably not the best place). Find an area where there are limited distractions but still comfortable enough to hunker down and concentrate.
  4. Be Prepared – Stock up on extra school supplies in a bag in your car or home office, just in case there is a last-minute emergency.
  5. Review a Social Strategy – What are the rules in your house regarding phone use and social media? The start of the school year is the perfect time to revisit those rules and ensure they are still being followed. And if you keep a list of passwords, check that they still work!
  6. Set Alarms at Intervals – If your house is anything like mine, I am usually the only person that wakes up to everyone else’s alarms. By setting them at intervals, there is a better chance they will get up by the third alert!
  7. There’s An App for That – There are several highly-recommended family organizers, such as Cozi or FamCal. This is a clever way to make sure the entire family knows the daily plans.
  8. Pack it Up Early – If they need to take a special project, or paperwork, or even just to make sure all the folders make it to school, have your kids load their backpacks up before they go to bed.
  9. Put Your Eggs in One Basket – Set aside some time to put everyone’s schedules in your calendar (or your app) for the entire year, so you don’t double book.
  10. Cook For An Army – If you have time on the weekend, prepare a protein – or two – that you can use all week (chicken pasta, chicken tacos, chicken sandwiches, chicken salad)

What are your favorite Back-To-School hacks! Comment below to share!

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Back-to-School Time How to Get Back Into the Grind