6 Ways to Organize Your Life and Home This Winter

The new year is here, the holiday decor is coming down, and your house is back to its original state…or is it really?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed after the hustle of the holidays and having the kids out of school for the last couple of weeks. You may be itching to get your house and your whole life in order. Call it a New Year’s resolution!

6 Ways to Organize Your Life and Home This Winter6 Ways to Organize Your Life and Home This Winter

Set a good routine

Doing the same things in the same order every morning and having a set schedule each day boosts my productivity, keeps healthy habits in check, and overall makes me feel good. My own routine includes a little bit of exercise, a few minutes of reading, and breakfast (skip junk, not meals!) each morning.

Plan ahead

I like to keep track of all my appointments and reminders in Google Calendar. Personally, I love using a paper planner for to-do lists and daily schedules. Checking off tasks makes me feel accomplished! I also block off time for tasks in my paper planner. Doing this gives me a good feel of how I spend my time, which will help organize other parts of my life. I also plan out meals ahead of time. I’ve found taking 10 minutes to plan an entire month of dinners will save me time and stress later.


I’m sure you’ve heard it before: let go of things you don’t need or use, and give everything a home. Taking everything out of the space or room and putting everything back in a new place really helps me get rid of a lot of stuff. I like to give things a home and use what I have before buying pretty containers. This way I know exactly what I need and I don’t end up with even more clutter. Take it a step further when you’re looking at your closet. If you don’t spend a lot of your time in dressy casual clothes, you don’t need that many of them! Having fewer things allows you to actually see and use what you have. You’ll spend less time trying to find things or deciding what to wear.

Prioritize your time

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. One of the best pieces of advice I received when I had a newborn was to only give myself 1-3 tasks per day because more than that would feel overwhelming. Some things are going to be more important than other things. Writing down a “brain dump” of tasks, putting them in order of importance, and assigning those tasks to a day helps me get everything done that needs to.

Set a Time Limit for Tasks

I find that if I give myself a limit, I will often get what I need to get done within that limit. When it comes to cleaning, I only clean for that amount of time. Whatever isn’t clean after that can wait til next time. This helps me focus on my task and get what absolutely needs to get done first.

Balance Your Time

If you don’t allow yourself to rest, you will get burned out. Your routine and productivity will suffer. Build time for rest and fun into your schedule.

Do you have any more tips on how you organize your life and home? Share below!

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