5 Morning Routines to Set Your Day Up for Success

5 Morning Routines to Set Your Day Up for SuccessBeing a mom is a fast-paced job, whether you are wrangling children at home or getting them off to daycare in time for the next Zoom call. Having to jump out of bed to pack lunches, down a cup of coffee, get yourself presentable for the day, all while getting little humans up and moving is hard.

Finding morning routines that work for you can have a positive impact on your mental health. Easy and productive morning routines can set the tone for the rest of the day and improve your state of mind. Here are a few tips to add to your morning so that you set yourself up for success each day. 

5 Morning Routines to Set Your Day Up for Success

Wake up before the kiddos

This can be hard to do when sleep is already scarce, but it has many benefits. Set your alarm for 30 to 60 minutes before the kids are up to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, check the news, get dressed for the day, and look at your calendar.

Make the bed

This sounds daunting, but your room will look put together and it creates a sense of tranquility. It doesn’t have to be fancy hospital corners, but take 30 seconds to pull up the sheets and arrange the pillows. Plus, who doesn’t like crawling into a made bed at the end of the day?

Do a five-minute yoga stretch

Try out a five-minute yoga class from Peloton or YouTube. Getting your body moving first thing feels invigorating and helps set positive energy for the day. It is a quick stretch that can be done while your coffee is brewing.

Empty the dishwasher

Getting this done before the kids are up, automatically qualifies you for superhero status. Otherwise, the never-ending pile of dishes takes over and it is hard to catch up as the day goes on.

Check your meal plan

If meal planning is your thing, check your menu and set out any frozen meats that need to thaw or throw ingredients into the slow cooker for dinner. Getting ahead early in the day will save you the headache of worrying about picking up dinner because you forgot to thaw the chicken (been there)!

What are some tips and tricks that work for your family? What do you do to set yourself up for success each day?

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