Prevent Summer Learning Regression

Every year when summer rolls around, our house seems to get excited about the time “off” and getting to sleep a little longer. Then day two of summer is here and before we know it, the kids are climbing up the walls and driving us a little crazy. And I’m a working mom who isn’t even home all day!?!  {Insert – shock, awe, questions of how the SAHM’s do it!}  The boredom can seem overwhelming at times and leave you trying to think up new games or find new camps or letting the TV stay on a little longer than you’d like. Summer learning regression is real!

Research suggests that up to one month of learning is lost during summer vacation.This can set your kids back when school rolls around again and is also the cause of lots of “I’m bored” complaints.  To combat this, here are four key tips from Primrose Schools for integrating learning and fun into your summer schedule.

Summer Learning Regression & How to Prevent It {w/ Primrose}

1. Encouraging Math Fun

I’m not known for math skills, and even I can use these game ideas Primrose has come up with for simple and fun ways to teach my kids. For my 7-year-old we can create a lemonade stand or challenge her at the grocery store to buy items under a certain price. For my 5-year-old, we can use sidewalk chalk to make a hopscotch pattern and count as we hop. And at the grocery store, she can count the number of apples or boxes of cereal.

For my toddler, Primrose created a list specifically for him! You can visit their blog to learn 5 math games for toddlers.

2. Incorporate Science

When you really want your creative juices to start flowing, head over to the Primrose Schools YouTube Channel. Science for kids can be as simple as a lima bean growing in a clear bag. Make a bubbling potion, learn how ducks stay dry and learn about weather with rain cloud and tornado in a bottle activities. That’s right, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash to create your own laboratory.  

3. Cloud Dough & Colorful Mystery Mess

What kid doesn’t love the chance to get their hands a little dirty and create their own play-dough? Chances are you already have all the ingredients needed in your kitchen and may even come up with your own recipes. The key here is to give them the chance to explore with their hands, eyes, and sometimes smell! It sparks their little engines and will be fun for you to do together.

4. Activities to Make the Most out of Summer

Still struggling with all these ideas and how to put them into action? Well, this list has 9, low-stress and high fun activities for you and your kids to do together. Get out in the backyard, take a walk on one of the green trails in the area, or just turn on a sprinkler and see where the fun takes you. The memories your kids make with you or their caretaker are as much a part of the learning as each of the activities.

Whether you are a working mom like me or not, Primrose is an excellent place to consider for your children.  My children attended Primrose School of Providence Pavilion and the summer was always a time we especially remember as being full of fun, learning, and love.

This post is sponsored in partnership with Primrose but the opinions our 100% our own and author is mom of two Primrose graduates.