Going Vegan? Here are 3 Atlanta Restaurants for Plant-Based Eating

So here’s the thing. I was kind of spoiled living in Columbus, Ohio. You see, there were so many local vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants and as a pescatarian mom married to a meat-loving man, raising a plant-based kid finding a restaurant to satisfy all of our palates wasn’t really a problem. With my move to Atlanta, it has taken me some time to figure out some of the best go-to spots for plant-based eating but I think I’ve got it. So if you are looking for vegan or vegetarian eateries that will please even the most finicky of little eaters, here are 3 local restaurants, for you to check out.


1. VeGreen Vegan Fusion Restaurants 

If you live in Gwinnett County you might want to get familiar with VeGreen. Best described as Asian fusion –this restaurant puts a vegan spin on a number of international dishes. Their menu includes a mix of Japanese, Chinese and Thai favorites such as pad Thai, sushi and fried rice. If you opt to dine in you will find a bright and cheery dining area and a friendly staff. I’ll admit it, if my husband had his way, we would probably eat here every day (he’s kind of obsessed with their orange chicken meal). My daughter, who can be picky at times really loves their spring rolls. No meal is complete without dessert so be sure to grab a slice of their vegan cake. 

atlanta-vegan-restaurant 2. Soul Vegetarian Restaurant No. 2 

I stumbled upon this gem while searching for a vegetarian restaurant close to work (it turns out it was further than I expected but totally worth the drive). I didn’t know it at the time but Soul Vegetarian is the largest chain of vegan restaurants in the world and backed by the Hebrew Israelite Community of Jerusalem. Their menu serves up vegan versions of your favorite Mediterranean and southern comfort foods. Can we say delicious?

You can enjoy their beef rib substitutes- kalebone or if you’re in the mood for a burger-order the Garvey Burger, trust me it doesn’t disappoint. Made from wheat gluten and topped with an onion and mushroom sauce, this burger provides you with a healthier but flavorful option. If you love dessert, as I do, you’ll have to try their dairy-free frozen dessert. Dream Kream is their soy-based ice cream and it’s available in mint chocolate, chocolate, vanilla, and butter pecan flavors. A perfect ending to your meal. 

3. Slutty Vegan  

Hopefully, you can get past the name and give the food here a try. This restaurant has been on my radar for quite some time but I still haven’t had the opportunity to try out their menu (mainly, because the lines are soooo long-yeah, the food is that good). With its West End roots, Slutty Vegan’s mission is to provide quality vegan meals to communities that would otherwise never have these options.

This restaurant actually started out as a food truck and delivery service and has recently expanded into a brick and mortar establishment. This vegan burger joint’s tongue-in-cheek menu serves up a number of tasty options like the One Night Stand-a plant-based patty topped with vegan bacon, vegan cheese, onions lettuce, tomato all served up on a Hawaiian bun. Craving shrimp? You might want to try the Ménage a Trois- an Impossible Burger patty loaded with vegan bacon, vegan shrimp, vegan cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, and a special sauce. If you don’t mind a wait, I encourage you to check out Atlanta’s hottest vegan spot.

As more families are adopting plant-based lifestyle finding local restaurants serving up great food shouldn’t be a chore. I’ve started off with three establishments that will satisfy vegans and non-vegan palates alike. I’m sure your taste buds will thank me. 

Do you live a plant-based lifestyle? Where are some of your favorite places to eat locally?