Shop for it ALL {Including Dad} at Publix

The weekly list of things to buy, groceries to purchase for the following week takes time to manage. And these are just the things I can think of that we need. I usually get a text message from my husband mid-errand running about items he needs – deodorant, body wash, shave cream, etc. 

Thankfully, if I get this during my mid-grocery shopping run to Publix I can easily and efficiently pick up exactly what he needs, while still being budget conscious. Check out these savings on a few new, cool products just for dad exclusively at Publix. 

Savings for Dad:

  • For the week of 4/22 all Old Spice products & Gillette Deos are Buy 2 Save $1. Now is the best time to try to that new scent or variant for yourself, Dad, Brother & pick up something for mom, sister, yourself.
  • Old Spice Red Reserve New Cologne Scented Body Wash and Old Spice Wild Collection Nightpanther
    • Beginning 4/22, with coupon, get $1 off TWO
  • Old Spice Clinical Anti-perspirant. Check out the digital coupon for $2 off ONE item from 4/20 – 5/17
  • Gillette Invisible Solid. Check out the $1 off TWO or digital coupon for $2 off ONE item. 
  • Old Spice Moisturize with Shea Butter Shampoo and all restaged hair styling with upgraded formulas & packaging

This is a paid promotion.