It Starts With You

It Starts With You

Twice this week, I have come across conversations about dads receiving praise for basic parenting. We’ve all seen it in action: a dad out at the grocery store, holding a barefoot baby with messy hair, getting complimented by a stranger for being such a great dad. All he had to do was exist with a baby and he’s Super Dad. Moms, however, will get scolded by a stranger and told to put socks on that baby’s feet, even if it’s July in Atlanta.

I have a proposal: Let’s all stop and take just a minute to encourage other moms.

Go to the baby food aisle in the grocery store, and you might find a mom stressing over which one isn’t poison. Tell her she’s doing a great job feeding her baby!

Maybe there’s a mom at school drop-off who always looks exhausted. Tell her she is a great mom for doing so much for her kids every day!

You might pass by a mom in Target who looks embarrassed while her toddler throws a temper tantrum. The least you can do is throw her a look that says “We’ve all been there!” You can even say it out loud!

Maybe your friend who just became a mother is googling everything and is frequently worried something might be wrong. Tell her she’s a wonderful mom for caring so well for her baby.

You might see a mom on social media who is only showing all the highlights and good things, but never the piles of laundry. Tell her how obvious it is that she loves her kids and is doing such a good job.

We are all trying, and we are all rookies when we first become moms. We do our best, and we deserve praise and support from each other, not criticism. It starts with you! Tell a mom she’s doing a good job today. She’ll appreciate it.