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On my son’s first birthday, after we were done with cakes, pictures, and gifts my husband asked me to open one last present.

It looked too tiny to be for a 1-year-old.

In this tiny little box, was a beautiful ring, a simple and thin band with tiny little diamonds all around.

A Promise in a Small Box

I took it out, told him how much I loved it, and then asked … Why?

It was 3 years ago, so I’m paraphrasing the next part here;

preggoFai1 He told me I carried Adam. I carried him in my body for as long as I possibly could. Those  9months weren’t easy, and postpartum was an entirely unexpected series of new challenging yet rewarding experiences. 

Truth is, neither one of us knew parenthood would be this challenging.
I mean they all warn ya, but it’s still a shock once it happens.

Keep in mind…during our pregnancy, we moved 5 times, twice internationally.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the challenges we faced that year that weren’t pregnancy related.

He said if it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t have this boy we both loved so very much.
So every year on his birthday, and if we have any more children, on their birthdays, I am going to buy you a Birth-Day Present.

An Understanding 

Now, my husband Is a lot of things. I think he’s brilliant, and I have never met anyone that’s as dynamic as he is.  I believe he is one of the best dads I’ve ever seen, he’s very funny and I wish I had just a third of the talent he has.

But, I didn’t expect this from him. To be honest, I never thought I deserved it really.

I was overcome with such intense emotion. When you’re going through pregnancy, you feel so many things. 

The entire time, you just want someone to understand, all the things you feel.

It can be hard for our partners because as much as they may try, they haven’t experienced it. It can be quite hard to relate to the intensity, the 67 bathroom breaks a day, and so on unless you felt it yourself.

At that moment though, I felt like he understood on a level he hadn’t before. I felt like he saw me a little differently. Like he saw me a little more clearly and was trying to tell me that.faiandadam

It made me remember that mothers, our bodies are the first country our children live in. We owe them so much, and we are meant to be celebrated, especially on our children’s birthdays.


Our son is about to turn 3. It’s been a long and emotional one for us as a family.

Like my previous post talked about, we live a bit like nomads. I was trying to think of the place that means the most to me. I decided it had to be the place my son was born. So this year I told my partner since Adam is turning 3, I want 3 small things.

I wanted a necklace with the coordinates of where our son was born, where my partner was born, and where I was born. 

Those places mean the very most to me.


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