Evaluating Two Years of Resolutions, and Creating New Personal Challenges

Two years ago I wrote a post about New Year’s Resolutions I wanted to make for the whole family. This year, I want to look back over the last 2 years and evaluate how things have gone, and what I would like to change. However, instead of thinking of them as resolutions, I want to view them more as “personal challenges.”

Resolution 1: Spend less time in front of screens, and more time together. Evaluation? Neither positive nor negative. I think I finally accepted that screens are a part of my motherhood reality. We recently instated a rule that before T can watch TV/movies/play on her iPad on school days, she has to complete homework or do chores. Now, bear in mind she is 4, so the homework is very much “mom-mandated.” Things like practicing gymnastics or tracing her name and phone number, as opposed to real homework she HAS to do for school. Her chores are things like put away silverware, feed the cat, or clean up our pile of shoes by the front door. On weekends and non-school nights, she can pretty much get what she wants. However, any TV or movies she watches that are available in Spanish must be watched in Spanish (which ties into another resolution). A personal challenge for 2020? Continue encouraging educational viewing for the kiddo, while continuing to try to reduce how much time I spend looking at a screen while my kid is around.

Resolution 2: Improve my Spanish/continue helping my daughter improve her Spanish. Evaluation? I’m not really sure about this one. I feel like my knowledge has pretty much plateaued, but kiddo is definitely improving. She has a stronger grasp of the languages as two separate things and recognizes that not everyone understands Spanish. She definitely shows a preference for English, but seems to understand Spanish pretty well when it is spoken to her. A personal challenge for 2020? I’ve made 2 friends this year who speak Spanish fluently. I want to start having them speak/text with me in Spanish more frequently and requiring my responses in Spanish. I think I have a decent vocabulary and understanding, but my issue is definitely a confidence thing and I think working on it with friends will help me improve in a comfortable setting.

Resolution 3: What’s a good word for the opposite of lazy? Anyway, being that. Evaluation? This one I feel good about. Since buying our first home about 8 months ago, I’ve developed my own chore chart broken down into weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that I mark off as they are completed. This has helped me see what has been done and what still needs to be done. I try to always clean small messes when I notice them and put things away when I see they are left out. I’ve made a color-coded chore chart for the kiddo. I also feel my personal activity level has improved. I’ve been participating in fitness challenges with friends, including multiple burpee challenges, eating challenges (the good kind, like cutting back on carbs — not seeing how many hot dogs I can scarf down in a minute), and a planking challenge. A personal challenge for 2020? I have made huge improvements in my personal fitness and housekeeping. My biggest personal struggle is with diet. This ties into laziness because after cleaning, teaching, exercising, and momming, I just want to grab drive-thru or pre-packaged snacks to munch on. I want need to eat better — specifically, I need to eat more green things that aren’t M&Ms or Skittles.

Resolution 4: Prioritize my relationships. Evaluation? I feel like the major life changes my family has been through (moving, changing jobs, buying a house) have made my relationship with my husband stronger. We’ve had to rely on each other and trust each other to make huge decisions with the best interest of the family in mind. However, my relationship with MY family has felt very strained this year. A personal challenge for 2020?  My husband and I grew up with very different family dynamics. Because of this, I struggle sometimes with finding a happy balance between what my husband wants and thinks is best for us and what my parents/grandparents/siblings want. It’s hard, but I think I’m getting better at standing up for what I want and arguing my feelings on what I think is best for both extensions of my family. I want to continue trusting my decisions, and understanding that (unfortunately) sometimes that means hurting someone else’s feelings.

Resolution 5: And above all, be happy.Evaluation?  Ok, this one I have knocked out of the park. With the exception of the struggles mentioned above, I’ve been much happier lately. I’ve gotten a good routine going, which I think is extremely important. I’ve been reading so much more (see post written about book clubs). I exercise almost every day. I’ve definitely used my kid to help make new friends (apparently all moms feel like they struggle to make friends, who knew?!). Overall I feel like things are going great. A personal challenge for 2020? Keep it up! Maybe add in “try new things.” I’d also like to incorporate some kind of volunteer work into my routine. 

How have your resolutions gone in the past? What personal challenges are you going to set for yourself this year?

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Originally from Dauphin Island, AL, I am a stay-at-home mom who likes to do anything other than just stay at home. My husband and I have lived in 5 states together and are in the Atlanta area now for the second time. I have a Master’s degree from GSU in Multiple and Severe Disabilities and was a special education teacher for 8 years before deciding to work with adults with autism and then becoming a SAHM. I now work as a preschool teacher and fitness instructor. I enjoy spending time with my daughter at parks, libraries, and anywhere else that we can explore our world.