We all miss our friends. We need connection and support while we raise our children, and right now, a lot of us aren’t getting that. I asked a few of my mom friends how they are connecting with their mom friends, and even making new friends right now.

Join a local Facebook group

This is such a simple way to connect with moms nearby, whether or not we’re in the middle of a pandemic. We need each other!

Leave a surprise at their doorstep

A bottle of wine, a card, or flowers are all things you can grab during your weekly grocery run (or curbside pickup). Leave it on their front porch, and text them to check outside. Wave from the car if you’d love to see their face!

Host a game night

Jackbox.tv is a great way to have a game night with friends, and you can even do a Zoom call at the same time! Houseparty is another fun app to play games with up to 8 people on a call.

Just reach out

Reaching out to a mom you don’t know quite as well is a good choice. Check on her, see how she’s doing. Let her vent. You might be the only person outside her home she’ll talked to today.

Use a Parenting ERG

If you are a working mom, some companies have a Parenting Employee Resource Group in place. Parents navigate things like daycare benefits together, and talk about other challenges. Some set up a weekly virtual story time! If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your coworkers, reach out to HR and leadership.

Marco Polo/Zoom/FaceTime

This one’s much more obvious, but if you haven’t yet, set up a Zoom call with friends, FaceTime dates, or hop on Marco Polo to chat. The benefit of Marco Polo is that you can answer on your own time.

Virtual clubs

Book clubs are still meeting virtually, and running clubs have even set up virtual runs. Reach out and find one to join or start one!

Eventually our game nights will be face to face again, our book clubs will meet in person, and we’ll be able to greet each other at school events. Until then, let’s make an effort to connect to each other. Let’s come out of this feeling closer.

How are you connecting with mom friends while social distancing?