My Kids and My Marriage NEEDED that Disney Cruise

My kiddos have been extremely lucky/spoiled to have visited Disney Parks more than a few times. And I’m so glad that we hit those “magical” years (between 3-7 in my opinion) when princesses and characters are real and Mickey really “invited” them to “his” castle. But my dream vacation was not the heat waves waiting in super long lines, crabby kids, and strollers as far as the eye can see. I wanted a beach, sand, pools, “adult” drinks, amazing food, visiting other countries, not worrying about hotels and where we would eat next. I wanted REAL time with my kids, no internet, no cell phone. Surprisingly, I got all that on our Disney Cruise! Most importantly my marriage got the much needed time away from our busy world back home we didn’t know we’d get with Disney. Yes, our cruise was as much for my kids as it was for me and my husband. Here are a few reasons why we loved it so much. (I’m not a travel agent, nor am I paid by Disney Cruise Line to write this. These are my open and honest opinions, enjoy.)

Kids Club
This is the main reason why I will only sail with Disney, their kid’s club is by far the most fabulous kids care we’ve ever experienced! The staff is fantastic! Check in and out is safe and secure. They have events, activities, experiments, and characters who come to visit throughout the club EVERY DAY. They serve lunch and dinner in the club in case you have an adult brunch, lunch or dinner planned. I suggest you get your children registered online before your cruise, there was a long line on the first day of parents trying to register.

Our kiddos did use the club often, it was what they wanted to do and heck, it’s their vacation too! Downtimes when we didn’t have something planned, they were in the kids club. A few nights, I was tired and wanted to get them out of the club and into bed, they didn’t want to leave and asked me to come back later…seriously! So, my hubby and I got to experience the fabulous adult only shows and bars almost every night.

Time To Unplug
On the cruise, you CAN be unplugged from your phone and the rest of the world unless you want to pay to an outrageous data plan. You will, however, want to use your phone for the Disney Cruise Line App (it is available when on airplane mode using the ship’s wifi). You can message the people in your party, see your family’s plans and the Navigator, a schedule of events, shows and things to do each day produced by the ship. 

Spouse Time
My husband nor I expected to have SO much time to ourselves on the ship. Because our kids are a little older, 6 and 8, it helped my anxiety about leaving them in the kids club for a longer period. On day one, our kids were begging to be in the kids club we took advantage of that!

This cruise was to celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary so we booked facials and a couples massage for a special treat. Though they weren’t the best I’ve ever had, just being honest, it was nice to be in the spa away from all the kids on the ship and to be together without distractions. Before and after our spa treatments we spent time on the adult only decks, swim-up bars, and hot tubs. Disney sure does “adult only” very well! It was literally like being on a vacation without the kids for those moments and we really needed that.

All in all, my opinion of a family Disney Cruise is this. Disney has the quality, attention to detail and care I’ve never experienced with any other cruise line or all inclusive resort. The entire operation from parking in port to disembarking is a fine-tuned machine! They have taken every detail into thought and consideration keeping their guests in mind. So, go to unwind, relax, be in the moments with your kids and spouse, or extended family. Leave your phone in airplane mode to use the app and take videos and pictures, but leave the rest of the world behind you. Let Disney take care of you…that’s what you paid for.

My kids and husband are sold, Disney Cruise Line is it!…we are already planning our next one!

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Sherri Owens
A Southern Belle with a Jersey attitude, Sherri was northern born and southern grown! She’s a SAHM, business owner and graphic designer, but most importantly a mommy of two tiny humans, (8 and 6) and mini long haired Dachshund. Sherri is a Flagler College grad who snuck away to FSU in 2006 and met her future husband, they’ve been together ever since! Her family has lived in beautiful Destin, FL, Jacksonville, FL and recently moved to Alpharetta, GA. She was a contributor for the Jacksonville Moms Blog and is looking forward to writing again for City Moms Blog in her new home. Baking, painting, the outdoors and pageants are a few of her favorite things. Obsessed with Christmas (all year long), you can find Sherri designing in her home office with coffee in her snowman mug and Nat King Cole playing in the background.