The Perfect {Healthy} Recipe to Keep Your Kids Cool this Summer!

If you have children living in your house, I feel comfortable assuming you spend part of each day attempting to sneak the good stuff into their diets. In full disclosure, this exercise in parenting is challenging for me. I have four kids: two of whom with multiple food allergies, and each of them with their own strong culinary opinions. It doesn’t help that my non-Pinterest self lacks the creativity to build a princess castle or toy car out of carrot sticks and cucumbers. (Bless all the mamas out there who can!)

Feeding little people can just be hard

But, it’s summertime, friends…with a little bit of breathing room, I always feel more inclined to get creative in the kitchen and get my kids in on the fun. And, that’s exactly why I’m sharing this recipe with you now.

But first, here’s a little backstory. This fun treat came about accidentally in our house a few summers ago. After we purchased a Vitamix in the hopes of pulverizing fruits and vegetables into juices that our children would devour…but did not…my husband did what daddies do best. He came up with an idea for making “green” drinks fun! He purchased inexpensive popsicle molds, threw some fruit and spinach into the blender, and used the molds to freeze the juice up.

The result?

We had four happy kids sucking down spinach-filled popsicles with delight. And, my husband and I officially became nutritional ninjas.

Sound easy? It is! Here are all the reasons why this recipe is certain to become a win-win in your house, too.

  • Your ingredient options are endless!
  • You don’t need a fancy machine. Any traditional blender will do.
  • Prep takes no time (about five minutes to whip up and an hour or so to freeze).
  • Did I mention that it’s really fun for kids to create their own popsicle flavors? What a perfect way to build confidence in little chefs.
  • When you make treats like this at home, you have full control of the ingredients you’re using. I will be passing on the high fructose syrup for these popsicles, thank you very much. 
  • If you’re an allergy mom like me, this can be a really safe option for your kiddos. Let’s say goodbye to the “made in a plant” or “on equipment” statements that make our heads spin when determining what’s safe for our kids to eat.
  • Most importantly, your kiddos will love it![yumprint-recipe id=’14’]

What are your favorite ingredients to use when making homemade fruit and veggie popsicles? Feel free to share your best ideas here!