Giving Back this Holiday Season

Giving Back this Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us. Have you bought your kids the latest iPad, Hoverboard, iPhone, Avenger, Apple Watch, Drone,  etc. yet?!? We’ve become a society of things. The newest, biggest, most popular thing. I know I’m generalizing here, but stick with me. According to a recent Investopedia article, Americans plan to spend on average $998 per person this year for Christmas. And for what? So the newest toy can be left in the toy bin after a few days of play, never to be seen or played with again? Or so we can accumulate more stuff in our homes we need to clean and organize?

I am challenging you to do something different this year. Let’s give back to our local communities, help those who may be struggling. Let’s teach our kids some families aren’t as fortunate as ours and show them the joy in giving. Change the focus to giving instead of consuming. I’ve got three ways to do this:  

  1. Atlanta Community Food Bank:  As a mom, I can’t imagine the anxiety that comes with not having enough money to feed your family. In the metro Atlanta area and North Georgia, 1 in 8 people go to food pantries to help feed their family. Due to the Covid-19, the Food Bank has seen a 300% increase in inquiries from people seeking food assistance. Every dollar you give to the Atlanta Community Food Bank helps provide food for 4 families. You can also volunteer your time, individually or as a group.  
  2. The Empty Stocking Fund: I found out about this through my work and am volunteering in Santa’s Village. This organization helps parents and guardians in poverty provide gifts to their children at Christmas. Imagine a kiddo having nothing for them to open on Christmas Day. Donate online or visit their website to learn additional ways to give.
  3. Girls & Boys Club of Atlanta: We have worked with our local club in Mableton to adopt kids for Christmas the past several years. The list of needs can be heartbreaking. A jacket. Socks. Gloves. You can make a difference for a kid and a family right in your own backyard. Find a local club. I talk to my daughter about this as we shop for the kids, so she knows some families struggle with the basics like a jacket or shoes.  

I’ve highlighted three ways, but there are a myriad more. What other local causes have you given your time or money during the holidays? Share with the village.  

Let’s work in our community, together, to make it a Happy Holiday Season.

Let us know what other organizations in the area that are great options for Giving Back!